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3DMy own personal Gundam

[Deleted User][Deleted User]11 Posts: 4,002Member
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And my first post in the fourm :)

Just a gundam I'm inventing, not really any official gundam or anything.
Been modelling it in Silo, I like how it's going so far.

c&c are very welcome.

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  • [Deleted User][Deleted User]2 Posts: 3Member
    wow sweet that looks awesome id like to see that finished with textures

    would look sweet with red, blue and white like wing zero and freedom
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User]2 Posts: 3Member
    Thank you, Masterwong. I am in fact planning on a similar colour scheme. And some wings. Definitely wings.
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User]2 Posts: 3Member
    Update: Feet complete
  • J.WildeJ.Wilde0 Posts: 0Member
    Fantastic job so far! A crit: the lower legs seem to be a little too long in proportion to the rest of the MS.
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User]2 Posts: 3Member
    they do seem long but with wings the longer legs would look better im sure

    and looking more at it, its very cleanly done moddling, id love to play with the finish file when its done or have a chance to possibly see it rigged

    also another question whats is its primary ability like all gundams they excell at one thing

    except freedom and justice which are pretty powerful in most forms of combat

    wing zero - speed, aerial combat or space combat
    buster - powerful at long range
  • BerkutBerkut1 Posts: 0Member
    good work so far. The only thing that kinda bugs me is the "face". Something looks off. Maybe make the face more narrow? Also the whole head could be a bit smaller. By gundam standards the legs aren't really long, I think the fact that its missing hands and backpack kinda makes them look long.
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User]2 Posts: 3Member
    Thank you, J.Wilde, MasterWong, Berkut.
    I'll check on the length of the legs when I finish modelling the hands and the umm backpack. I do plan on it having some sort of wings. As to it's special ability, well, I haven't really given too much thought on it. But I do want it to have at least a gun/rifle and a sword of sorts.
    The head, I think it is a bit umm cheeky, that might be what is going on. And it does not have a second pair of horns. I did do it with the other pair of horns, but did not really like how it was going.
    I want to rig the gundam. I have rigging experience in Poser, so that will be a rigging for starters. But I also want to rig it in Lightwave, of which my rigging knowledge is nil.

    Thank you for all your comments and critiques!
  • blackbird17blackbird170 Posts: 0Member
    Good start on your Personal custom made Gundam!!! :thumb:
  • RAF-MXRAF-MX12 Posts: 0Member
    Very impressive ..Great design....INCREIBLE trabajo amigo...

    Just for the record.......
    The third image make me smile because the legs looks like a straw to drink..:lol:.Gundam straw...
  • thank you blackbird, gracias, RAF-MX

    Yep, under all that armour, a gundam is your average skinny figure :) Reminds me once when I shaved an English Sheepdog, it lost about 80% of it's body mass!
  • Small update. The hands. Only part I've had to subdivide to make it look "right".
    I'm also uploading to the forum server the screenshot, maybe that way I'll get the cool thumbnail to appear on the threads list. :)
  • docpricedocprice0 Posts: 0Member
    I am a huge Gundam SEED and SEED Destiny fan.

    the lower legs do seem abit to long for the rest of the body and your head is dispaportionat to the torso. It seems to flat from front to rear.

    Can you do some other poses besides the Rennesance Man/ anatomical man. Im sure different poses would help us get a better bearing on your model and offer up more ideas.
  • I've just finished modelling the main body, so I can start rigging, and obtain some more natural poses. The renaissance man pose was more out of modelling necessity than anything else (although I AM a fervent admirer of Leonardo Da Vinci).
    I'm sure the body proportions will fall into place when the rigging starts.

    Meanwhile, a screenshot on the head. I think it looks too cheeky, courtesy of the ventilator thingies.
  • docpricedocprice0 Posts: 0Member
    The vents look fine, but add something to back of the head, elongate it.. Im sure you have plenty of REF. pics to look at, I would hate for you to have to rebuild youre head.
  • well you could bring the head side vents in a bit to make it less bulky i dont think that would ruin how it looks but im loving this model soo much
  • I think maybe if I make a higher forehead (without considering the top vent crest), and then raising the eyes a bit it will improve.
    I have found the problem with the legs. The thighs were shorter than the shins. However, correcting that made the thorax/abdomen to short, so I also made it taller.
    I will work on the face after I do some real life stuff (some 2+ hours).

    I never expected so much response, me being a newbie here! Thank you all for all the input and encouragement!
  • BerkutBerkut1 Posts: 0Member
    good work on the hands. The face looks MUCH better now. I think to improve it more you could make the top of the head part bigger, and move it a bit forward. Although its already :thumb: Also you could try adding some more stuff. Depends on which gundam universe it is I suppose. Seed gundams generally looked so overdone almost like a caricature.

    Oh yea, to make a forum thumbnail you need to attach an image to the first post in the thread, so if you want to do that yod'll need to edit your first post.
  • aylaa12aylaa120 Posts: 0Member
    great work there I'm a big gundam fan and as an artist to see this baby its great hope to see more soon
  • docpricedocprice0 Posts: 0Member
    SEED gundams are the BEST!!!11! lol.. Im a fan of every gundam universe just SEED happens to be my over all favorite.

    I think a variation of the EPYON head would help the flow of your designe and you can keep your side vents.
  • docprice wrote: »
    SEED gundams are the BEST!!!11! lol.. Im a fan of every gundam universe just SEED happens to be my over all favorite.

    I think a variation of the EPYON head would help the flow of your designe and you can keep your side vents.

    seed gundams epyon is a wing gundam

    but he is right, tho wing zero head would go well aswell
  • docpricedocprice0 Posts: 0Member
    I know where epyon belongs. :P I was just merely stateing that since he has a wide head on his version that a vareation of a EPYON style head would work and still mesh will with his vents on the side.

    The reason why i didnt mention Fredom or Justice or Strike and the different variations of them. is because they are a more slender/ aerodynamic shape.

    As for his Personal Gundam it kinda reminds me of Talgeese 3. I think it would work really well if you mixed both styles of Epyon and Talgeese. that is just my take on it.
  • yeh tallgeese and impluse hybrid, impluse has long legs very long legs

    that would be a kool mix

    personally id go for a wing zero/impluse/freedom

    they are like the 3 most awesome though very similar
  • Me again, sorry I had not replied.
    I adjusted the length of the thighs (not sure if I mentioned that yet or not), and tweaked the head's proportions a bit. Added some ummm thingies to the side of the cheeks as well.
    I think the head improved a bit.


  • docpricedocprice0 Posts: 0Member
    Nice fix on the head, That is Tons better, the eyes still might be alittle to big for me. but if you like them then keepem.

    fast progress too. The thigs and knees look alittle to skimpy, but great work.
  • BerkutBerkut1 Posts: 0Member
    good work. Docprice has a point on the knees though. They look very weak
  • I've tried to think of a good knee solution, but my brain seems to have dried up. Snif.
  • Then you think the eyes should be smaller? Hmmmm...
  • docpricedocprice0 Posts: 0Member
    yes and not flat either, but this is your manchine. go with what you like.
  • japmejapme12 Posts: 0Member
    Ive been tracking this from the beginning.

    About the knees, why not give him leggings like the Roman Legionairrys wore. they would protect the knee and add a layer of protection to the lower legs, one of the most vulnerable areas on any person/mech.
  • FoehammerFoehammer0 Posts: 0Member
    Yaaaay, another Silo user. I'd buy it again but I've already bought 3D MAX. :(
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