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Asp Explorer

CoolhandCoolhand241 PhobosPosts: 1,273Member
A Side view of the Asp, though completely re-imagined from the original 7 poly game model i've tried to stay true to the original concept, which is that the shape is reminiscent of a snakes head. this is a theme used in many Elite ships with snake like names, such as the Cobra and Boa.


  • [Deleted User][Deleted User]10 Posts: 4,002Member
    Just found this and went WOW. Perfect shape, looks really nice! This would definitely RULE as a rpg handout - can i request a top-down view of it?
  • GUNNYGUNGUNNYGUN0 Posts: 0Member
    This thing has the best in the Universe style of middle size spaceship design!

    Also I wish to note, that I reached the same style several years ago
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