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GuerrillaGuerrilla797 HelsinkiPosts: 2,868Administrator

Welcome to the Requests forum (or Looking for..., as it's known these days).

This forum is for looking for artists, models or reference material for your projects.

Use the prefixes
There prefixes available for this forum are Artist: Paid, Artist: Unpaid, Looking for: Model, Looking for: Reference and Looking for: Image. Most of these should hopefully be pretty obvious. Artist: Paid and Artist:Unpaid should be used for looking for artists to work on your projects. Looking for: Model is for looking for specific models someone else made, Looking for: Reference is for looking for reference materials for making your own models, and Looking for: Image is for finding an image you remember seeing somewhere, but can't find anymore. Do search (a lot) first, though.

Paid projects
The Artist: Paid prefix is reserved for paid work on a contract basis. Any delayed compensation gigs (royalties, profit-shares and such) should be listed as Unpaid for the time being. You can explain the compensation model in the posting.

Try searching first
Both here and on your favorite search engine. Especially, when looking for images.

Mind the intellectual property
Don't ask people to rip stuff from games for you or give you models that had a limited release. The first is probably against the game's EULA (if not illegal in some jurisdictions) and the second is kind of disrespectful.

Don't spam
Don't bump threads.

Post useful answers
If you don't have any useful information, or a question that benefits everyone, you should not post it. If the question only concerns your particular situation send it via private message.

Negotiate in private
All negotiations should be conducted off the forums, and SFM can't accept any liability in your business transactions. We do reserve the right to ban bad actors though. Use common sense and get everything in writing.

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