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Work In Progress Forum Information

GuerrillaGuerrilla797 HelsinkiPosts: 2,868Administrator

Welcome to the Work in Progress forum (WIP)!

This forum is for sharing your projects in progress with the community for praise, criticism and advice. Which one you prefer is up to you, but please be prepared for all of them.

Thread thumbnails are generated from the first picture of the thread. You can change them by editing your first post.


A couple of pointers:

Use the prefixes
There are currently prefixes for 3D, 2D, Practical, Animation, and Photography. If your work falls mainly in one category, pick it from the dropdown, when making the thread. If your thread is a more mixed bag of different types of work, you can leave it blank. If you need more prefixes, you can request them on the support forum.

Include an image
Including an image will generate a thread thumbnail on the forum index. The forum grabs the first image of any given thread. It will work with img tags and attachments. If you're posting videos, please include a still image.

Consider our bandwidth
Please keep your images at a manageable filesize, especially for the first image which is used for the thumbnails on the index. You can host nice big uncompressed ones yourself and link to them. All videos should be hosted on one of the many streaming platforms, and embedded.

Expect feedback
The primary reason to post in this forum is to get feedback on your work. That certainly doesn't mean you're obligated to follow or agree with it, but it does mean that you shouldn't get annoyed by it, even if it is not what you wanted/expected.

That being said,
Give useful, actionable feedback
Any feedback you give should be constructive, and in case of criticism, actionable. If you point out a problem, you should be able to suggest a solution. Keep in mind that whatever your solution is, it's merely a suggestion. If they choose to go another way, you shouldn't get annoyed by it, even if it is not what you wanted/expected.

We're not a fansite
While we're certainly fans of the genre, SFM is primarily a scifi art site, not a fansite. The artists are the ones that decide what goes in the end for any given project. If a project deviates from any particular canon, you're free to point it out, but don't get too hung up on it. It is the artist's prerogative to choose what goes and doesn't go on their project, and they don't owe the the fans anything. This is doubly true for fan designs in established canons.

Stay on topic
SFM is a scifi 3D art forum. You can post other things, but try to make sure at least one of the three is present in any given topic. On a related note, the text-to-images ratio should be heavily skewed towards the visual side, and the focus should always remain on the work. If you find yourself typing multiple paragraphs on the finer minutiae of fictional space craft unprompted in someone else's thread, maybe don't post it there. Step away from the keyboard for a while, and do something else. If you still feel like posting it afterwards, make a new thread in General Discussion.

Fanboyism is frowned upon
Blind aggressive devotion to anything is not really a good look. Avoid at all times.

Credit, where credit is due
If you didn't make something, make sure to mention who did. Even if the license terms don't require attribution, it's good form to mention. If you're modifying someone else's work (conversions included), make sure they're cool with it first.

Don't ask for models
Releasing or not releasing a model is up to the artist, and it's not really something you should bring up in their project threads.

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