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Artist: PaidBas-Relief artist: STNG - Best of Both worlds

zittzitt171 Posts: 3Member
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I'm looking for an artist or consultant that would recreate this iconic scene from Star Trek: The Next Generation's "Best of Both Worlds":


I'm looking for the final piece to be a bas-relief style piece of artwork (electronic ok) which would be 1:1 in a weird letterbox format. Specifically; the final image would be 19.5 x 2.5inches max. The final piece will be fiber etched into stainless steel. For maximum compatibility; it should be high resolution and be deliverable either in STL as a depth map or in a pinch; maybe grey scale.

The artist has some freedom to embellish the design... but unfortunately, the final image will be limited to the 19.5x2.5 aspect ratio.
It can be computer generated or hell; even a greyscale mixed media physical rendering. My main goal is to be somewhat screen accurate which AI doesn't seem to be capable of for some reason.

I don't visit these forums often but you can leave me a PM or email me at my zittware at-that-Hotmail-Place dot com.
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