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3DUSS Yorktown

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Continuing on my theme of cross sections, I wanted to expand onto something more complicated using the skills I've been picking up over the last couple of years. I was a huge fan of Stephen Biestly growing up so thrilled to now be making my own illustrations.

Lewis Niven was kind enough to donate to me his fantastic Constitution Class Refit model from the original Star Trek films which he has painstakingly created from reference. Using my own references I was able to then put together a sensible interior configuration.
Some liberties had to be taken in order to actually fit all of the decks and rooms inside the hull itself. Ideally it would have been nice to have thicker deck plates, but then it would lead to some very low clearances.

Thanks to Howard Day who supplied me with a couple of Starfleet characters I was able to rig and pose, and Diogo Vincenzi who supplied the shuttle that's zooming out the back.


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