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3DS Max Users- PlugIn reccs? Rapid, Rappa, Proboolean, powerNurbs, Soulburn, etc etc...?

c/p this from Discord as Disc is a clusterfudge at best and I don't take it for granted that folks there will catch this Q...

3DS Max users- have done a couple of searches on latest/greatest/can't live without plugins, as I'm getting a touch back to Max after about.... 17 years away? And even then I used it as an 'asset viewer' while texturing. Links here on the SFM site are ancient, and not numerous, ahem. ... are there any must-haves still? And what do folks, if you have experience, think of the state of tools like rappa, rapidTools, pro-boolean...? No way in hell can I afford powerNurbs so let's skip that, sigh. It's just way too steep for an unemployed artist (if anyone's got any pull with the dev about an Indie license...?). Any thoughts? Am running 2024. TIA.


  • japetusjapetus2937 SeattlePosts: 1,396Member
    Tyflow free for sure....Railcone Lite, Forest Pack, Phoenix, Vray.... or just learn Arnold but I can't be bothered. You might try importing nurbs with Max in 2024, they may have improved nurbs importing
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