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3D Greeblie/Nurnie repository of any sort?

vfxartvfxart1246 PNWPosts: 267Member
With the last 40 or so parts that I've modeled, I keep wishing I had a larger set, of at least the top 40 or 50 kits that donate parts from say the mid60s to the mid80s, that 'golden age'.

I know of one individual who started a project to scan and build a number of parts, but before I buy in I want a list of what's already done (to see how relevant to my needs and if worth the $$) and it is the hardest thing to get out of him for some reason. So no idea what is in it, and it is only around 250 parts at this point I think.

I have a few sets of stls, but nothing earth-shattering. It eats up time to measure, diagram, then model parts like this. I'd have to re-topologize stl and other formats maybe, but it'd be an easier start at times (not always- but definitely when I don't have a kit). Anyone know of any accurate sets of bits that is extensive?

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