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Resource: Photos of old spaceship parts- possible reference material

BlueNeumannBlueNeumann590 Posts: 1,263Member
There was an article shared on Reddit about Norton Sales in California, a business that bought a bunch of old parts and components from NASA, current space companies buying up the stock, and the rest being used for Hollywood productions.

In the comments, a photographer named Dave Bullock shared a gallery of photos he had taken during a visit there, showing a ton of old equipment.

I inquired if I could share the gallery here, as I figured there's potential material here to aid with our projects, and not only did he agree, but he shared some other galleries as well.

Photomatix. This gallery seems the most similar to the first.

National Ignition Facility.. This one has a lot of duplicate images, as I believe he was shooting in HDR and accidentally uploaded all the variations.

This one is titled SLAC, I'm not quite sure what that refers to.

(let me know if there's a more appropriate forum to share these in).
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