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What does this warning message mean?

Ok, you know how in blender, if you hit F12 you render a picture according to your camera's POV and blender always saves it automatically as a png file?

Well, I was taking one of my renders and putting it in paint as a way to create a jpg file of it just because I mess around a lot with things on my PC haha and when I attempted to save it as a jpg file I get this message saying that "any transparency will be lost". Well that can't be literal because when I saved it as a jpg file anyway, the windows are still transparent and my warp domes are still translucent.

so what does that warning message mean? I don't see much difference between the png version and the jpeg version of the render that I took.

here's a screen shot of what I'm talking about:


  • Admiral156Admiral156194 Posts: 88Member
    As long as your background is meant to be black and not transparent you are fine. PNG format allows for part of an image to register as transparent, for things like superimposing your image over a starfield, making graphics for display panels, or not wasting a bunch of ink when printing t-shirts. Since JPG does not support transparency, once the image is converted to JPG, this information is lost and the transparent parts become either white or black.
    Paul MoechnerTallguy
  • Paul MoechnerPaul Moechner541 Posts: 126Member
    oh ok, that makes sense. thanks!
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