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Looking for: ReferenceTOS Set Dressing - Monitor reference/blueprints out there?

vfxartvfxart1246 PNWPosts: 267Member
Did a few quick searches, sadly what I'm looking for brings up too many unrelated hits, so throwing a q here.

Working up a lot of TOS set dressing, and haven't found anything that I can check my TOS Monitor (desktop ver, not on the swing arm) against.

Was there ever a 'pretty damn spot on' diagram or blueprint created? Even just overall dimensions at this point.
Next is to start going through eps and screencaps joy even more, but yow... ;-)
I've seen a couple of fan creations of the piece (cg and practical) that are wrong... so hoping for better, a few quick checks will tell.



  • count23count23361 Posts: 782Member
    start with the "set blueprint exchange" project on, they're gathering all studio reference blueprints and diagrams of official screen used assets. They started with pure set dimensions but now include props and the like. They'd be your best starting point.
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  • vfxartvfxart1246 PNWPosts: 267Member
    Thanks, but searches there haven't yielded anything... alas.
  • evil_genius_180evil_genius_1804256 Posts: 11,034Member
    I haven't been able to find any schematics, not even in the TOS Tech Manual. However, before you go through episodes, you might want to take a look here:

    They've already gone through episodes and amassed lots of images of the TOS desktop monitor that you can use as references.
  • vfxartvfxart1246 PNWPosts: 267Member
    Yep, have those and more... thank you. I think a lot is going to be landing in the realm of, sorting out some interior dims and radii and such is a bit of oof. Worth it, just oof.
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