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3DEnterpise-B into warp!

japetusjapetus2622 SeattlePosts: 1,347Member
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Had to make a video of my Enterprise-B model going to warp! Took a little artistic liberty since I don't think the nacelles light up for warp in the movies, but in DS9 they are lit all the time, so I imagined they lit up to go to warp, like the Enterprise does in the movies.
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  • Alan EAlan E227 Posts: 124Member
    Animation is good, smooth and consistent. Typical trek shot. Lighting is kinda ok.... and glows are nice, however, we have a problem with the, planet...the ship itself and the stars. Their is no depth of field to compliment the actual shot.
  • LonewriterLonewriter235 Posts: 1,073Member
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    Great job! I've seen a lot of fan videos of ships going to warp but most look bad. I liked this.
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  • Hunter GHunter G1618 Posts: 506Member
    I think the glowing nacelles was the right choice, looks great!
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