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Star Trek Virtual Reality Project(s)

paulbhartzogpaulbhartzog345 Posts: 31Member
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Hi all, I've been here for a long time, lurking and collecting artwork. This is my first post because I wanted to share this in case anyone is interested.

I'm a programmer and I work from home, and I've always wanted a Star Trek "office" of sorts. One of my sons is a CAD and videogame developer, and my other one is a VR (virtual reality) developer, and they recently suggested to me that instead of building a physical office I could work in a VR space, like a bridge or ready room.

Obviously there are lots of advantages to this. Being able to have as many designs as I want, being able to change things about them with ease, not having to decide on one version, not having to actually build the thing (I'm not handy in real life), etc. Moreover, in VR multiple people could occupy the space, which means I can work with people who live far away from me, and we could work in the same Bridge, or Lounge, or Ready Room (or whatever rooms get built).

Consequently, inspired by the many wonderful designers and designs I've found over the decades that I've been collecting science fiction art, I have now started to learn CAD and other tools so that I can work on this project with my sons.

The reason I wanted to post this here is two-fold.
  • First, I just can't bear to be the only beneficiary of such a fascinating idea, so I am delighted to offer this same opportunity ( a VR Star Trek Ready Room ) if anyone is interested, whether you work from home like me or whatever. The current development plan is for them to be shareable, and I'm a sharer.
  • Second, I need all the help I can get with learning Blender, Inkscape, etc. so that I can see this through. I've wanted to work on 3D graphics for a long time and my interest level has never diminished, but it's only now that the circumstances have converged to create the right motivation and timing.

Anyway, feel free to introduce yourselves and let me know if/how this would be of any interest to you. I'm delighted to be here, and am excited about this project !
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