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TexturingBlender Model Texturing Help

Jedi PowerJedi Power171 Posts: 25Member
Hey all, I need your help with Blender please. I have version 2.92 and have been spending all of my time trying to get started with some Star Wars ship models, but it hasn't worked out. I can’t seem to get the textures loaded properly. Some files are FBX and some are OBJ. The either come with specific JPEG or TGA images files, but I can’t get the textures to display properly. If I use EC Henry ships as an example, there are more than 50 object pieces under the collection, but only 5 JPEG images. How do I choose what object to load the image on? I have gone through a lot of beginner tutorials on YouTube and some with how to texture a block etc., but nothing seems to give me what I need. Can anyone please help to point me to a good YouTube video for me to learn from or provide some guidance on how to texture models properly? Thanks for your help!
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