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Artist: Paid3D Model Detailing/additions needed - Paid

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I designed a Star Trek ship for my fan fiction. A 3D model was created, but it lacks detail, and is not scaled correctly.
I am seeking someone to finish this model and incorporate details such as windows.

Paid, negotiable - Hoping for under $1000.
Time frame: 90 days max.
Use: BLENDER to be used for 3D rendering of fan fiction videos. I do not own 3DS MAX, so a Blender compatible (Able to light and interact with objects) file is a must.

The scale as best I could figure on the orthographic 2D pixel art is 1mm = 3.3m All scales are based off of the Excelsior NX-2000 Nacelle being 255 meters length.
The top down view is not complete. The front and side views are mostly complete.

As is seen in the attached photos, the current 3D model is not correctly scaled. I had advised the previous artist that the draft was not correct, but they advised it was - its not.
To be done:
  • Rescale Model
  • Complete subspace radio transceiver array on bow dorsal forward section where current tiny frowny face phaser strip exists.
  • Add neck vents to coincide with front view ortho.
  • Complete Shuttle bay door detail (fore/aft).
  • Rescale aft shuttle bay so that it looks like shuttles can actually fit!
  • Change emission material on nacelles so that the sides glow and not the top (that's just dumb).
  • I think the little antenna things on the 3D model are interesting but in the wrong place.
  • Complete dorsal/ventral spine area.
  • Change "Nacelle shielding" to something more art deco/excelsior design language.
  • Add windows

I am open to interpretation, or artistic differences. I am also open to discuss technical reasons for something on the design regarding star trek rules.
Please advise if you are interested in this project. I have the original MODO .lox file, an .fdx file, and the textures which I don't particularly love available.





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