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3DF-114 Tomcat Exo-Fighter For My Book Covers - Warning - Lots Of Images

SeanPSeanP218 Posts: 256Member
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My favorite fighter plane is the F-14 Tomcat, so I created a new fighter for my book covers, paying homage to the F-14. This is the F-114 Tomcat Exo-Fighter which means it can operate both inside an atmosphere as well as in space. She's almost finished here, just tweaking a few little things.


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  • FreakFreak1090 Posts: 4,361Member
    Very Cool.
    I love the Tomcat as well and you really done a great job with this.
  • cool65cool65332 Posts: 29Member
    I love f-14 tomcat fighter. That was good show, but close good body. If you can make a F-22 and F-14 mixed as 21 century fighter.
  • publiusrpubliusr552 Posts: 1,749Member
    What the F-35 SHOULD have been.
  • srspicersrspicer393 Posts: 336Member
    Looks great!
    Will you be adding RCS thrusters?
  • DannageDannage236 Posts: 634Member
    Oooh, the side view reminds me of an F5, but since that was one of my favourite airfix kits when I was younger, I'm not complaining. =)

    Looks great! :) If I had one suggestion, it would be along srspicer's lines about adding something 'spacey' as right now it looks like a super cool futuristic aerial fighter. But hey, she's beautiful as she is. <3
  • niraa67niraa67331 Posts: 17Member
    I love your F-14 very nice keep it up.
  • SeanPSeanP218 Posts: 256Member
    Thank everyone!
    Yes - still need to add RCS thrusters so she can maneuver in space.
    I'm not going to add too many more details though.
    I built this to go on my book covers along with my dreadnought and battle carrier which will be the main center pieces on the covers.
    The fighters will be fairly small on the covers so the small details won't even show.
    We'll see when the covers are laid out.
    I'm currently working on finishing the second generation of battle cruiser and one of the main alien enemy vessels.
    The alien ship will be the shape of a giant mechanized angel fish and hopefully it will have a presence like a Minbari warship from Babylon 5.
    I'm working on the ships when I take breaks from writing.
    I had 3 books published on Amazon, but I wasn't overly happy with them.
    I read several books on how to improve my writing and of course like most people I learn as I go, so I pulled them off Amazon to rewrite them.
    Book 1 is rewritten, I'm working on book 2, and then I'll rewrite book 3.
    Book 4 is all finished and book 5 is being plotted.

    I've been an IT person for the last 30 years, lost my job because of COVID-19 and because the Canadian government killed our oilfield here in Alberta.
    I was really tired of the IT stuff, and working for other people, so I decided to make my new career science fiction and do my own thing.
  • DannageDannage236 Posts: 634Member
    That sounds... well... eventful I guess. I would say cool, in terms of wahey, working for yourself and all that jazz, but then the whole job loss and demise of industry etc... meh.. Put up links to your books when you've done them. I have bought a fair few books written by 'unprofessional geeks' and it's always nice to support people, even if Amazon hoover 93% of the charges up...

    If you ever fancy doing some fiction or work in someone else's setting, hit me up. ;)

    Meantime, continue with the modelling sir!
  • Piper32Piper320 Posts: 1New Member
    OMG That's gorgeous. Mind if i steal the look?
  • SeanPSeanP218 Posts: 256Member
    So I have four books published on Amazon now.
    The rewrites went well and I ended up getting professional covers made - I found a hell of a deal.
    Ended up not using this fighter at all unfortunately - as well as several other ships I built.
    After putting all that work in and republishing them, I found out that Facebook and Amazon changed their advertising setups completely.
    Now they are designed to completely drain your bank account instead of help you sell books.
    All the social media stuff is such a PITA and you get so little return that it's just not worth writing the books anymore.
    So disappointed, all that work pretty much for nothing.
    I figured I might as well share the covers I had designed.
    I built all the ships other than the 3 small Cylon looking ships on the 4th cover.





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  • SeanPSeanP218 Posts: 256Member
    Piper32 wrote: »
    OMG That's gorgeous. Mind if i steal the look?

    Thanks and I don't mind at all.
    Go for it.
  • srspicersrspicer393 Posts: 336Member
    edited July 2022 #13
    That is a real shame.
    Perhaps self-publishing at various CON's or publications? Taking out adds, etc.
    I dunno
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  • GripenGripen0 Posts: 1Member
    This jet concept is really cool. Sorry to ear about the publishing issues you add. Nowadays its all about big corporations and a handful of areas that actually give some return. Everything else is just to explore others work :(
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