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360 Degree Star Field

I'm trying to create a 360 degree star field. I've downloaded panoramic star fields, but when I render them as a spherical environment there's pinching at the top and bottom. Does anyone have an effective method for doing this? Thanks!

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  • japetusjapetus895 SeattlePosts: 1,039Member
    Dunno if it's what you're after, but back in the day I used to just put tiny particle spheres on a huge sphere and use those as stars. If you are using 3ds Max, it has a starfield render effect in video post.
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  • japetusjapetus895 SeattlePosts: 1,039Member
    You could also try unwrapping your sphere differently, the pinching you are getting is from a spherical unwrap.
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  • count23count23232 Posts: 654Member
    Use a Quadsphere and you shouldn't have any issues, UV and Icospheres when unwrapped "pinch" at the north and south poles. Quadspheres don't.
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