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3DNightfevers Runabout with POD

trekkitrekki371 Posts: 941Member
edited April 26 in Finished Work #1
I created the additional module for the runabout.
Thanks to Nightfever for this beautiful property.



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  • evil_genius_180evil_genius_1801693 Posts: 9,827Member
    That looks great. Nightfever's models are always excellent, and the pod you added really completes it.
  • FreakFreak960 Posts: 4,135Member
    I am currently working on the Warp sled. It almost studio arcuate, but I add a couple of things.
  • trekkitrekki371 Posts: 941Member
    Thank you,
    yes I saw that you are also working on it and it looks very good.
  • japetusjapetus508 SeattlePosts: 909Member
    Nice brings back memories of my scale model as a kid, which was one of the best trek models released IMO.
  • trekkitrekki371 Posts: 941Member
    Yes, I still have the model on my shelf.
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