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RenderingClay render in LW2015?

Apollo1701Apollo170161 Posts: 3Member
Does anyone know how to clay render in Lightwave and Layout 2015? I used to make great ones in 3ds max but not with LW. I have a ship WIP thats taken 7 years lol. I could use some help. Thanks
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  • Apollo1701Apollo170161 Posts: 3Member
    How about anything on clay rendering for lightwave layout?
  • evil_genius_180evil_genius_1804396 Posts: 11,085Member
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    All you really have to do is create a gray material with 100% diffuse and no specular or glossiness. Obviously, no emission or anything else. Basically, just a "bland" material. Then you get clay. I haven't used Lightwave in weeks and am not running it now, but those instructions are actually pretty universal for any 3D software.

    Here's a quick and dirty clay render I did in Blender:


    I could easily achieve that same result in Lightwave by doing what I said above and going with 100% diffuse and no specular or glossiness.
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  • Apollo1701Apollo170161 Posts: 3Member
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