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References Galore

MadKoiFishMadKoiFish1360 West of the right nutPosts: 3,933Member
edited August 1 in General Discussion #1

Ok this is mostly a list of IMGUR links atm but in time as I find a better way to share resources I will likely be posting ZIPs/RARs
To start with a pile of Trek Refs as you did not see that coming.

NOTICE I do not lay claim to all of these most are resourced from the net and most are from LONG LONG dead websites. This is for archival purposes and retention of references for future modelers.

More HD caps and larger than TV rez
11foot stuff
Klingon BOP including the ROMULAN version
KTINGA some of these are that stupid Xjpeg or whatever so colors are whack
NEBULA CLASS - ok the hanging from wires one might be a repro. I know some of the EXP models were copies and some were not very well done. I leave it up to you to figure it out. If it is real sad as it is so damaged by the way it was displayed.
ROMULAN Dedendrix?? (sp)
Following trek ones might be duplicates.
MORE BOP-likely dupes
VORCHA again likely dupes


Tenchi Muyo OAV3 ver Ryoohki screen caps DVD/LD
Tenchi Muyo OAV 1~3 scans (forget which mook it is from)

These are likely of no interest but I was at one time building a street and used these as refs and mood.
this one focuses was street art/graffiti and street style.

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