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Artist: PaidStar Trek Fan Game Logo - Quote

AhkileezAhkileez181 Posts: 30Member
Looking for a quote on a proposed logo opener for some Trek fan videos for Youtube. About 5-10 seconds of footage.

Basic concept is the TOS Enterprise orbiting a planet. And then the beginning of the Star Trek fanfare (da...da-da... da-da-da-da.... da-da!) and on each beat of the fanfare the other signature ships come in (E-D, Defiant, Voyager, Enterprise and Disco) and then the camera pans around the planet from light side to dark and pulls back to reveal the logo (which has a planet shape to it). Last bit is the Trek delta doing a swoosh around the "O" that the planet formed to do the classic Nasa-like swoosh-saturn-ring-rocket type logo.

That's the basic concept.

Assuming the meshes are available, could I get a quote on the time and labor?

Thanks in advance for your attention.


  • teknomancer2008teknomancer200866 Posts: 145Member
    so, you want each ship to arrive on the sound of the notes? That’s a pretty tight timing to do. The price would be a combination of amount of detail, resolution and time involved...what’s your time limit to this?
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