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Query about the order of the post

dolza1971dolza1971171 Posts: 2Member
Congratulations on the new site. My query is: How to order the post, see the new ones first. I hope it's the right place to ask. Thank you


  • MadKoiFishMadKoiFish1802 Right in the plumsPosts: 4,066Member
    If you are looking for the "new posts" link or button I do not think this forum software has one. The only thing close is the "Recent Posts" link in the upper left below the logo.

    The only way to tell new stuff in that list is by the bold text if that script is working for you. I think on first visit it will mark everything in bold and you have to click on "Mark All Viewed" link to make them as read. It will always show read or viewed (old and new) threads in the "recent Posts" link.
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  • dolza1971dolza1971171 Posts: 2Member
    thank you for your answer
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