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We've set up a Discord (it's a fairly popular chat program) server for some more realtime community fun.

There's a bunch of channels for general chatting, work in progress, discussing techniques, scifi shows and movies and so on. There's even a couple of voice channels.

You can access it here:
Permanent Invitation or just, if you need something easy to remember.

A couple of answers for questions you may or may not have:

Q: What's a Discord?
Discord is a fairly popular voice chat client mainly geared towards gamers and streamers and the like. We're not using the voice ourselves though, since the text chat is also very robust. Think IRC, but more usable, maybe? Slack is another similar program, you may have used at work.

Q: Do I need to install something?
No, you can just run it in browser (I do at the office). Just click on the link in the first post, tell the app installation thingy to go to hell (if it shows up at all) and hit the Continue button. That being said, they have pretty nice desktop and mobile apps available for most platforms.

Q: Do I need an account? I don't want to create yet another account for a service I'm not sure I'll like.
Nope. You can enter the server as guest for now.

Q: I already use Discord. Can I just have the invite?
Sure. Here. Or copy this to the Join Server window: DdCsuUE

Q: What do you guys do in there anyway?
Only one way to find out. ;)
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Comco: i entered it manually in the back end
Join our fancy Discord Server!
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