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3DSoyuz-TMA(Real-Life spacecraft)



  • -=sAs=--=sAs=-336 Posts: 0Member
    Thanks! (koszi!)

    Yep i have plan for more models,russian space program have some choice :) I prefer choose the next model from Russian space only....

    And little more update for today,Descent module i forgot unhide the thermal blanket :)
  • -=sAs=--=sAs=-336 Posts: 0Member
    Modelling done (99%),some correction still have,but its later.
    Model accuary i know have some issues (i say 75-80% what i have)
    Materials just place holder for now.
    I plan some image with it,but before...i need something else to make it,some space station.
    So lets make a space station....
  • evil_genius_180evil_genius_1804256 Posts: 11,034Member
    It looks great. :thumb:
  • psCargilepsCargile417 Posts: 620Member
    Just incredible. :thumb:
  • stephan_skastephan_ska171 Posts: 0Member
    THAT is really outstanding !
    A fantastic job you have done here. Really amazing !!

    Cheers, S.
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