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  • Star Trek Movie Animations

    Here's my first video for this category of projects. :)

    I want to eventually do the entire sequence at the end of ST:IV including the reveal shot... but in time.

    Lizzy777publiusrWarp Propulsion Laboratory
  • Excelsior Prototype

    I haven't been around lately, but this is absolutely mind-blowing. :open_mouth:
    Warp Propulsion Laboratory
  • Model Conversion

    Still doesn't hold a candle to Max or Maya in terms of price. They're subscription based and cost more for 1 year than Lightwave does for a standard license that never expires.
    This subscription thing. I can see why software venders do it - so much software theft. I don't steal software - I refuse to pay for something I don't own. I am still using Microsoft Word 2010. Works just fine. I'm getting a message on it that support runs out in October. The new one is subscription. Not going to bite for a word processor. I mean how much improvement can you make to a word processor? I'm using Affinity photo for my textures. Like it WAY better than Photoshop. $50 and no subscription.

    The stuff I've seen done in Blender on this site is phenomenal. It's a legitimate choice. But I've learned so much about Lightwave and have so much further to go and they keep improving it. So there it is. (And because of Core, I guess, my upgrades to Lightwave are $250)

    I mainly use Office 365 for the 1 TB OneDrive space. lol But always having the latest versions is nice too. Same with Creative Cloud, I use only 3 programs of the entire CC suite, but it's cheaper to buy the whole CC per month than 3 individual programs on a subscription. As for Autodesk's subscription prices, I agree. They're woefully expensive, but they beat the outright cost that Max used to be. Same with most subscription services. I can afford monthly costs, but not these thousand dollar outright costs they used to be.
  • Excelsior Prototype

    My mind is absolutely blown, I just be staring at your work so far. heh
    Warp Propulsion Laboratory
  • Chris2005's Stuff

    I'm slowly working on this... trying to think of shots to attempt to replicate for the video... it's 90% done.
    Lizzy777publiusrFreakscifiericrojrenWarp Propulsion Laboratory