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  • Hey Regulus! Wow you've been busy... all of your modeling looks fantastic! A couple of small comments and they are just my $0.02 On the Commissar - The sand / glare goggles kind of make him look like a tank or vehicle commander (Rommel came to …
  • no, no... boiling them just makes them more tender! If you want to preserve them for display (as the Bloodpact soldier has done in the fine example above), you would need to spray them with a clear lacquer or varnish of some sort.
  • I think they probably shrink a bit when you boil them... :devil:
  • Terrific work on the Bloodpact warrior... really liking the skull helm you made for the enforcer! Can't wait to see him textured up!
  • ahh, cool! Thanks for posting those UK... I actually have that book, but never noticed the toothed drive-wheel... now I'll have to update my Rhino too... :rolleyes: There are actually a number of things that I need to re-do in the modelling of m…
  • So wolfie, are you using a morph of some kind to animate the rhino tracks? I've never tried to animate tracks before, but have read of some sort of morph method that is often used for this... I may have missed it in the thread, but what 3D applicat…
  • The scout is looking spectacular, Regulus! Very nice work! What are you using for texturing? Are you using photoshop / UV Maps or a 3D painting application? Can't wait to see more!
  • DCB wrote: » It needs a bigger aquila. Now DCB, let's not get into that whole "my aquila is bigger than your's" argument! :devil:
  • RegulusBlack wrote: » alpha where do you live at in TN, im in Smyrna near Sam Ridley Hey Regulus... I live in Spring Hill - about 15 miles S / SW of Franklin, TN... Hi neighbor!!
  • DCB wrote: » This is 40K. Best you don't ask questions about such things... I've actually pondered this as it would relate to actually animating the tracks of the Rhino... If you have a fully modelled vehicle (i.e. with interior and opening…
  • Nice work, wolfie! Nice to see another Rhino build in progress! Mine sort of stalled out when I got to the UV / Texturing part, but I hope to get back to it someday soon... Modo now has some nice painting tools, so I'm hoping to use those when I f…
  • Wow... wonderful work Regulus! I agree with the others - I think the stylistic changes you added to the marine and terminator add something to the overall models... I always thought the GW Space Marines never looked "tech-y" enough I guess you'd sa…
  • Hey Armondikov! That's a great start and a nice change of pace for the 40K universe - I never thought of doing a 40k model "lego style"... hope you persevere, as I would love to see more of this!
  • A test!? A test!? HA! Jas's tests look cg movie quality! Love the Vue landscape... looks nice and rugged. Is Vue very difficult to use? I'm sure it takes awhile to master, but for someone starting out with it, is there a steep learning curve …
  • Armondikov, given the 40K universe, I think justification number 1 is probably the most accurate... After all, they probably just use servitors for the maintenance / fueling work, and we all know how servitors are regarded! Oh.... now Jas wil…
  • Heya Jas! Good to see you are still working away on 40K goodness! Could you post a couple of closer shots of the control tower? Very nice modeling, as always! The only comment I would have about the landing pads is having the fuel tanks so nea…
  • Jas, you almost brought tears to my eyes! Your custom "tiger" build is truly jaw-dropping and inspiring. You continue to surpass yourself with each new model you post... keep up the brilliant work, my friend!
  • Wow! Super job on the Rhino (and the Thunderhawk)! Like DBC, I'd love to see some wireframes of the Rhino - I always like to see how others approach modeling - and I can always use some ideas to improve my own rhinos! :P
  • Wow! ... It's great to see you posting work again, Jas - and it is excellent... love the choice of subject matter as well! (although, I hope to see more 40K goodness before too long) Keep up the inspiring work, and have a good thanksgiving!!
  • I agree, very nice modeling, and I really like the design!! Where can I buy one!! Can't wait to see more!
  • Very nice modeling and cool designs!!
  • so how do you all usually go about uv mapping your models? do you do atlas maps? my problem with the maps I am making is that when I go to create "wear" along the edges / seams, I often run into "overlapped" edges, where the wear texture on the …
  • Hooray, more 40K goodness!! Modelling is looking great (and you are speedy)! Looking forward to more updates on this one!! :thumb:
  • Great work! I'm really liking the gunship... can't wait to see more!! :thumb:
  • Hey looks pretty darned good to me!! I'm not familiar with Maya's toolsets, but how did you go about mapping the model? Is it an Atlas map, or did you use some sort of Unwrapping tool? I'm trying to get the right side of my rhino mapped, and am p…
    in Rhino Comment by alpha_omega May 2010
  • Hey Dmitri! Thanks for the suggestions! I have tried changing the compatibility mode and running the app as administrator, but no luck... the app. crashes as soon as it launches. I may give the virtual PC a try if I get brave enough!
  • Top Notch, as always, Jas! The detailing on the Knights is simply superb!!
  • Same here UK... I guess they changed the page references slightly. I had to go back and redo my signature link a few days ago (not that they've been updated in forever) :P
    in Rhino Comment by alpha_omega May 2010
  • Awesome thread, Tom... and terrific modeling!! You are speedy! It takes me forever to build something... Looking forward to seeing more updates!!
  • OK, I'm not trying to necropost or bump this thread... I just know that Jas does a lot of research on his models, and I thought that he or some of the other posters in this thread might be able to enlighten me on something. I'm thinking of starti…