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  • OMG! It's been a year...


    Looks like 12 months have flown past since the big forum move, so I guess I should make a thread about it. At some point I was planning on some song and dance to mark the occasion, if we got this far, but honestly it just kinda slipped my mind until now. :grimace:

    So uh... Yay! 12 months. I guess it's a good time to ask 'What do you want from us?' again...

    Is there anything you particularly like? How about dislike? What would you like to see more of? What features would you like to see? Is there something that would totally make you visit more often? Is there something keeping you from visiting more often? Did you know we have a Discord and that it's actually pretty good? Do you want challenges? Video content? Live streaming? Podcasts? Reviews? Tutorials? Articles? More models? More Star Trek? Less Star Trek? Better Star Wars? Should we just move to TikTok?

    Basically, once again, let us know how we're doing, and what we should be doing instead. :)

    Or, you know, just post GIFs... :tongue:
  • New bridge

    If this is another commissioned piece you should credit the author, or preferably have them post the project themselves. We've been through this and I don't particularly enjoy repeating myself.
  • New Feature: Compact Themes


    Someone (I think it was @McC originally) suggested a more compact main index, so you wouldn't have to scroll down to see the whole forum. We're not changing the main theme, but there's a compact theme available now, for those that prefer a more compressed view. It probably won't be any faster, since it's mainly just hiding things in the CSS, but the main index should pretty much fit on a single 1080p screen.

    You can change your theme in Edit Profile. The new theme is available in the same swanky colors (Blue, Gold and Red) as the main one.

    Let me know, what you think. :) As usual, you can report any bugs you find here.
  • New Feature: Filter by Prefix

    Another feature request from Discord, this time from @Comco

    I just added the option to filter WIP and Gallery forums by prefixes, so if only feel like looking at Practical models in progress right now, you can. :smile:
    You can find the filters in the Forum descriptions:

    The plugin is pretty powerful and can filter all sorts of parameters, so if you have any suggestions for cool ones you would like to see on the forums, let me know.

    Another example:
    Get posts from the last:
  • Tiny Forum Updates: Sketchfab


    Sketchfab is pretty neat, right? :) We've actually had some form of Sketchfab embed since the forum migration, but I just got around to adding a profile fields as well. So, if you have a Sketchfab profile, just add your username in the field (just the username, no need for the rest of the URL, similar to most other profile fields). I also re-sorted the profile fields, because they were in a weird order and were bugging me. :p

    The embed is a little temperamental, since they changed the URL format slightly but basically, what you need is the embed URL so, hit the embedbutton and grab this bit:
    https://sketchfab.com/model/[long number]
    and ignore the stuff after the slash following the long number, and it should embed fine. I'm looking for a better implementation, like a bbcode or something.

  • [Completed] Scheduled Maintenance: Minor forum update Sunday 22 September

    Vanilla 3.2 is out, and seems to be working for most people, so I'll try to get us updated next weekend. As usual, forum will be unavailable during the update, but it should take less than an hour.

    No new features, a couple of security patches.
  • Welcome back to Scifi-Meshes! Come say hi!

    So, this is the new site. What do you think?
  • [Completed] Scheduled Maintenance: Minor forum update Sunday 22 September

    Update done. Everything seems to be in order.

    As usual, you can report bugs here.
  • New feature: [vid] tag

    @McC over on our Discord asked if it would be possible to embed video files inline on the forums. So, after fiddling with the code a little, I'm proud to present to you the vid tag. (video was taken).

    Works the same way as an img tag. Basically just add
    in your posts to embed videos. If it's a HTML5 supported format, it should play fine. I would like to ask you to host the video files yourself, since I'm not made out of disk space, but other than that, go nuts. ;)
  • Whatcha playin'?

    I've been on an indie shooter streak lately, mostly playing My Friend Pedro and HARDCORE MECHA

    My Friend Pedro is pretty popular apparently. Also, good fun so far, although I'm worried it'll get a little repetitive before the end, and I'm not sure I'll actually go back and play levels just to get a better grade.

    HARDCORE MECHA was a kickstarter thingy from a while back, that apparently just showed up on PC. I really like Front Mission: Gun Hazard, so I was hoping for something similar, even though I hadn't really heard anything about it. Right now I'm liking the old Front Mission (and Metal Warriors) more, this one seems to be pretty linear compared to those, but maybe it'll open up later. Very nicely animated.