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  • Wedge Trek The Excelsior Generation. Persistence class!

    Now that I've decided I'm going to keep trying to work on this until I finish it (or the file gets too big), I'm giving this it's own thread. On the bright side, I've figured out why my MacBook it so slow: the hard drive is going kaput. I'm using my dad's MacBook now, but I need to upgrade my Lenovo eventually, because it lacks enough processing power for a large file.



    Latest Result:

    USS Persistence is the working name for my Excelsior-era Wedge Design.

    Blurb so far:

    "The Excelsior class was too long and too tail-happy at high sub-light speeds. The long lines were essential for Transwarp, in theory, except Transwarp didn't work in practice. And so a more compact design was proposed...

    After the Skirmish of Altamid, which resulted in the USS Lexington* losing her nacelle pylons, and then her neck during what was supposed to be a rescue expedition, as well as damage to Starstation Yorktown's patrol force, it became abundantly clear that perhaps thin pylons connecting a starship's warp drive units was not sufficient. And it wasn't like Starfleet didn't have a clue. During the past two wars with the Klingon Empire, Starfleet had more instances of warp drive failure from damage, while the Klingon's wider wing-like pylons proved to be more durable to nacelle loss."

    *Or some other Connie that was replaced by an Excelsior class in Beta Canon

    The design that you see here is a compromise between different agreed upon elements. The shuttle bay is bracketed by the wide wing-like pylons. Doing the aft and ventral views is going to be fun, because then I get to show how the fantail is bracketed as well. Come to think of it, it's a little like the Luna class's shuttle bay.

    She has Enterprise-B style impulse drives, as recommended by TNC-N3I.

    Contrary to Borgman's recommendation, but favored by TNC-N3I and me, I went with an Ingram-type primary hull, but with a command hull based on the distinctive Excelsior class. Working on the circuitry-like pattern will be fun, and a long way off.

    I gave her a taller neck so that I could mount the nacelles underneath, but also have the nacelle pylons curve up, with the nacelles on top.

    I might or might not add mega phasers like the Ingram. But they are probably gone after the Khitomer Accords, replaced by standard ball turrets.

    I thought about Borgman's idea of making this a pre-Excelsior design, to try to make the Spore Spatial Displacement Drive work again, seeing as how Stamets was able to get the Discovery to work. But then while on a walk, I thought about how big this design was going to be in my head, and how ludicrous an idea it would be for Starfleet to commission yet another design to use an FTL method that could be unpredictable at the best of times. Add in that classified escapade into an alternate timeline, and there is no fucking way that I could justify Starfleet approving what was meant to be a battleship intended to spank K'Tinga's into the next century while on leave from exploration duties as a testbed for such a propulsion system. I came to the conclusion that any future testbeds for the Spore Drive would likely be Oberth-sized, using a skeleton crew. It might still be an idea for a future design.

    The idea of a Reliant-type rear shuttle bay has kind of already been done with the Ariel class, and it would be a major change to the design. I think I know what you have in mind: Take the Churchill's raised superstructure, and smooth/thin it out so that it works as nacelles pylons. Maybe another impulse drive in between the two shuttle bays, or a third shuttle bay. It wouldn't be impossible with enough time to sketch out a prelim in Photoshop, and then trace over in Illustrator. And then copy/past the primary hull and nacelles, which remain unchanged. I get the feeling I won't have much time to spend on this over the next few days due to getting home late from work, so I'll have more time to think about this.

    To answer Borgman's questioning why we didn't see any members of this class on screen is because
    1) Starfleet's huge. We know the Andromeda, Korolev, Wambundu, etc. are canon by name, but only a few of these have been given designs after the fact outside of fanon.
    2) The Persistence class fell out of favor to the Excelsior class after the signing of the Khitomer Accords. There was another production run after the USS Ambassador class was launched, along with the first tranche of Alaska-class Battlecruiser, but such designs were only given 5-10 class member production runs, and after the Romulans promised to stay out of interstellar politics, battle wagons became increasingly a thing of the past.

    Of course, without Starfleet's premier Myceiliobilogist, such a design was also due to fail to begin with.

    Next up, I'm doing the dorsal nacelles, and going to try to complete prelims for the fore and aft views. And try to work out the basic outlines for the secondary hull impulse drives. That, and the alternate shuttle bay. Oh boy, this is going to be a huge file before I'm done!
  • What I Have Been Up To...

    Posting some designs I've been working on and off on over the past several months, as I've been trying to get back into doing artwork. This of course means I haven't been able to keep up with all of the fantastic work many others have been doing, but oh well.

    First is the TNG Destroyer, which I've been working on in Illustrator. I've actually burned out on this project for the moment. She is intended as a TNG equivalent to the Saladin class.




    Next, we have a design that started as a small sketch at work. Rather than having the engineering hull blended together, the shuttlebay and lower engineering hull have been deconstructed into a "figure 8". She is a Light Cruiser equivalent to the Andromeda class.


    A total design of my Sparrow class:

    For the previous incarnation, see here:

    A TLE Medium Cruiser, using components based on the Joshua and Ingram class. Practice for helping me get better at Illustrator.

    Finally, a result of binge watching DIS. I felt that the lifting body design works better for TLE.
  • What I Have Been Up To...

    DeviantArt is being a indescribably picky son of a bitch (I can't set my file to RBG JPG, dammit!), so after an hour, I'm throwing my hands up the air, and posting this directly, before I lose it, and throw the laptop in the lake outside.


    The very quickly, very unprofessionally done labeling probably makes any explanations unnecessary, but suffice it to say, I've been experimenting with a variety of design elements. I was doing this in Illustrator at first, before deciding that I sketch faster than I can use the pen tool, and here we are. I'm actually rather proud of Proposal One, which uses design elements from Lord Savrain's USS Edward Teller, the USS Churchill, and even Jaryu's Oldfield class. And yes, those are megaphasers on Proposal 1. Proposal 2...would need a lot of work, I know. Those nacelles are just too long...

    C&C is welcome...and necessary before I can move forward into Illustrator.

    Ingram or Excelsior primary hull?
    Keep the Churchill-type aft saucer superstructure?
    Ingram, Lifting Body, or Excelsior Type engineering hull?
    Integrated or Bracketed type shuttlebay?
    Which type of nacelles? Ingram, Koeller 64, or Excelsior?
    Integrated or Ent-B type Primary Hull Impulse Units?
    Exposed or Integrated Secondary Hull Impulse Units?
    Megaphasers too much?

    Proposal A, B, or something in between?

    We're a democracy among artists, so vote away!
  • What I Have Been Up To...

    Okay, no replies... I'm disappointed. But not surprised by the neutral response, given how underdeveloped this design is.

    I've have been working on and off of the redux of my Sparrow class for quite some time, but have struggled to find time due to studying investing in stocks, which mostly takes place when I'd normally draw in the first place. Here is the progress I've made this far.nehlhgbxggxk.png

    As you can see, just as Madkoifish has been working hard on the Assiduous class, I've been working on her successor. For the moment, there are three possible directions to go in. As before, the design consists of 5 components: the inner hull, a pair of outer hulls, a pair of nacelles/pylons, and an upper mission pod.

    They are missing a lot of details, since that would just take more time, and result in this perhaps never getting posted.

    Design A uses a (relatively) simple arrowhead shape. The forward downward swept pylons are optional, and might be replaced with different nacelle pylon designs as I work on the design further.

    Design B uses a forked bow which might or might not be inspired by the Mark 4 from Speed Racer. The downward backswept nacelle pylons are again optional.

    Finally, design C is designed to use optional hull modules (think Insignia class from Mark Kingsworth). According to Atolm, the Assiduous class has the ability to mount different modules, and I wanted to retain this ability in the Sparrow class. Possible modules could be designed to have better sensors, phasers, torpedo turrets, and passenger capacity. The upward backswept nacelle pylons are - you guessed - optional.

    At first, I added shading to every view that I was working on, but I was looking as Zoids concept line art, and figured that since shading was taking so long, and line art always looks professional without the shading, that I'd just add white underneath the sketch work, and save coloring/shading for when I get to the final design phase. So yeah, all future work will probably, hopefully resemble Rick Sternbach's work.

    Speaking of Zoids, I think that is what I'm going to work on for my next project. I've just been wanting to do something in that setting for a while.

    In the mean time, I will likely have to start another file, since mine has practically reached the maximum size that I can save, and aside from making current layers invisible to make way for new ones, the room I have left doesn't leave me free to add more than maybe one more slate of orthos or angles.
  • Wedge Trek The Excelsior Generation. Persistence class!

    Okay, so the reason that this sketch came about was a suggestion from Publisr to integrate the Miranda's superstructure into to secondary hull. This is what I came up with:


    Turns out that what Publisr has in mind is for a variant of the Persistence. Whether or not elements from what you see above makes it into a future design remains to be seen, but it appears that the design for the Persistence herself is locked in.
  • Alaska-Class Starship

    Dear Who Ever Decided To Use a Connie Deflector Dish When Designing This:

    We are not letting you live this down. Ever.

    Because it is just not working.

    There is a reason that the producer ignored FASA, and made a brand new design for the Ent-C.

    On the other hand, the use of 4 pairs of mega-phasers-that's a brave choice...
  • Star Wars projects thread

    Now I REALLY want a X-Wing/TIE-Fighter remake with this graphics!

    A "remake" wouldn't be ambitious enough. I can't be the only one who'd like play through battles like the Battle of Scariff, Battle of Coruscant, and the Disaster at the Deep Tingle Besh, can I?

    One of my favorite features of X-Wing Alliance is the simulator feature. I'd love a game that expanded on that, so I could set up and play through scenarios, such as how many more Alliance ships it would have taken to jump in into prevent Vader's fleet from capturing the Profundity (or even defeat Death Squadron entirely).

    The problem with the simulator feature is that the number of ships you can set up is very limited, and the capital ship NPC AIs aren't always very smart (they won't always fire at the enemy).

    If there were a game that could do this with as much detail as above, though, that I'd love to see!
    Nathan Rubric
  • Freak's Trek Build's

    I find it ironic that the Soviet rocket scientist gets a starship class named after him (Korolev), but the guy who invented FTL for his race (Cochrane) only gets an older Science Vessel design named after him. Couldn't they have made the Cochrane something newer like a Nebula class? Where is the justice?

    But I love looking at this. I'm amazed at the work you've put into this.
  • The Rodger Young

    Excellent work!

    I've always found it odd that a lot of the Rodger Young's weaponry seems to only be able to pivot up and down. I wonder if they are supposed to be some sort of guided weapons? Then again, the faction that used them didn't seem to be experts in tactics to begin with, since the obvious tactic would have been to glass Klendathu from orbit. Did they really want to colonize that bug planet after the dust settled? It's not like they were planning to make peace with the bugs after kicking their exoskeletal butts, if the propo was any indication.
  • What I Have Been Up To...


    Okay, boy does this design have quite a history...

    The current incarnation is influenced by Atolm's Assiduous class:

    I had already started to rework the design about a month ago in this

    The influence was specifically the way that the hull bracketed the center hull, because it wasn't like I wasn't going to bracket the bridge before, however, that was more like the Luna class at the time. But Atolm showed me a more exotic way to do this, and I started to run with this.

    Unlike Atolm's design, I have chosen to keep the sweeping wing design, which might give her a bigger profile to shoot at, but I just can't seem to let go of Forbin's influence on this design. I have altered things a bit by flirting with the idea of a B-plane wing arrangement. It just seems like something that Atolm would do. There is also an alternate concept that uses a pair of deflectors integrated into the lower pontoons, similar to the Phobos variant of the Loknar refit.

    As of now, the Sparrow class is supposed to be a direct descendent of the Assiduous class, the latter of which would see production cease soon after the Commissioning of the Vesta and Sparrow classes into the fleet, due to the latter being incompatible with Quantum Slipstream, not unlike how most turbo-prop aircraft were discontinued after WW-II as jet engines became mainstream.

    My choice to revive work on this design and the registry number is an in-joke to this thread:

    I have used the opportunity to once again practice using layers in Photoshop to add color, which is also important of course for shading and lighting. The color scheme is this case will be heavily influenced by the Vesta class.

    As always, C&C is welcome (even from BolianAdmiral for stealing his registry number), and is required from Atolm. Hey buddy, it's based on your design, so I'd really like your input.

    I still want to nail down the rest of the design, so I can begin the vector schematics process, so I'll be starting on another view next time. Maybe aft ventral.