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  • Chris2005's Stuff

    Here is a WIP video I had released a while back, but I guess I didn't post here... along with a screenshot from the shot as it stands right now. :)

    RekkertrojrenlewisnivenLizzy777Warp Propulsion LaboratoryFreakBolianAdmiral
  • Chris2005's Stuff

    Once I re-rendered the interactive light pass for the shield impacts, here is the full shot as it stands thus far. :) Only thing to really add is the phaser fire.

  • Chris2005's Stuff

    A little teaser of the first few seconds of the video as it stands so far...

    I need to readjust the blue lighting cast on Voyager, as the shield effects were out of sync with the audio, the shield fx has been corrected, minus the interactive lighting. I've also added the torpedo fx and impact fx. The torpedoes were done by creating the torpedo fx inside AE, exporting light point data from 3ds max into AE along with the camera. Thus, I had 3D point data of the scene, the torpedoes were then turned into 3D objects, given the keyframe data of the lights, so they moved in 3D space, then I set their orientation to face the camera.

    Similarly, the explosion fx (explosions and illuminated hull layers) were done the same way, except, the illuminated bits were set to auto orient along a path (which I can probably set to off now that I look at it), so they stayed at right angles against the hull and didn't constantly face the camera. The explosions were also attached to lights that moved with the ship object and translated into AE, the explosion elements were then made 3D layers and given the light position data, and finally set to face the camera.
    Warp Propulsion LaboratoryrojrenFreakLizzy777BolianAdmiralpubliusr
  • Chris2005's Stuff

    I'm slowly working on this... trying to think of shots to attempt to replicate for the video... it's 90% done.
    Lizzy777publiusrFreakscifiericrojrenWarp Propulsion Laboratory
  • Star Trek Discovery-themed Projects

    A couple of finished shots I've done with Marc Bell's Discovery and Enterprise models.

    Lizzy777Warp Propulsion LaboratoryRekkertevil_genius_180
  • Star Trek: The Klingon Weapon Final Product Remastered (Complete)

    I had originally did this little off the cuff animation project almost, if not 10 years ago at this point. So I decided, the original was looking dated and I wanted to see what I could do with it now... so here it is, in full HD. :D Some things have been changed, such as certain audio effects so they were replaced (don't shoot me. :p ) Thanks for viewing.

    Original release can be seen in the link below:

    Lizzy777Warp Propulsion LaboratoryRekkert
  • Star Trek Movie Animations

    Here's my first video for this category of projects. :)

    I want to eventually do the entire sequence at the end of ST:IV including the reveal shot... but in time.

    Lizzy777publiusrWarp Propulsion Laboratory
  • Chris2005's Stuff

    So, I was inspired to do something after hearing this music, so I included a little snippet of it (used with permission w/ credit). But here's a little something, now that I have Nightfever's Voyager model ready to go. :D
  • Star Trek Discovery-themed Projects

    This is fully rendered take on the fan created take created by ZEFilms Productions. I was really inspired to recreate this after Marc released his highest quality version of the Discovery Enterprise to date. :)

    See it here:
  • Model Conversion

    Still doesn't hold a candle to Max or Maya in terms of price. They're subscription based and cost more for 1 year than Lightwave does for a standard license that never expires.
    This subscription thing. I can see why software venders do it - so much software theft. I don't steal software - I refuse to pay for something I don't own. I am still using Microsoft Word 2010. Works just fine. I'm getting a message on it that support runs out in October. The new one is subscription. Not going to bite for a word processor. I mean how much improvement can you make to a word processor? I'm using Affinity photo for my textures. Like it WAY better than Photoshop. $50 and no subscription.

    The stuff I've seen done in Blender on this site is phenomenal. It's a legitimate choice. But I've learned so much about Lightwave and have so much further to go and they keep improving it. So there it is. (And because of Core, I guess, my upgrades to Lightwave are $250)

    I mainly use Office 365 for the 1 TB OneDrive space. lol But always having the latest versions is nice too. Same with Creative Cloud, I use only 3 programs of the entire CC suite, but it's cheaper to buy the whole CC per month than 3 individual programs on a subscription. As for Autodesk's subscription prices, I agree. They're woefully expensive, but they beat the outright cost that Max used to be. Same with most subscription services. I can afford monthly costs, but not these thousand dollar outright costs they used to be.