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  • Guerrilla
    Hi again,

    You may have noticed all your posts disappeared. That's because mesh begging is against the rules. They also annoyed a number of our contributing members, and you went ahead and dug up some other old threads asking for models after being informed about it. Now, you can try and be a proper contributing member of the site, post work, and maybe get better at this whole 3d bit or just quietly enjoy the community and artwork. Or you can keep doing what you've been doing, in which case I'll delete your posts again and just ban you from the site.
    May 3
  • Guerrilla
    Hi Fanman88,

    Maybe don't go around posting in a bunch of threads just begging for meshes? It's pretty annoying and very much against the rules here. You should be able to figure out whose mesh you're looking at by reading the thread. Googling the author and model should tell you, if it's available publicly. A lot of things are not, but if they are, you should be able to find them pretty easily. You can also check out our Releases section for models released on SFM. I know Chris Kuhn has a Facebook page for his stuff, so you can probably find most of his models there. Nightfever has a website too.

    Please take the time to read our Community Guidelines, when you get a chance.
    May 3