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kvorshkkvorshk171 Posts: 76Member
edited February 2017 in Work in Progress #1
A return to modeling after a long while. Trying something from starwars-verse. A few pics to show where I'm at. As always comment away.
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  • evil_genius_180evil_genius_1801467 Posts: 9,680Member
    Very nice. I like where you're going with this. When I saw the thread title, I was hoping this was Star Wars. :)
  • kvorshkkvorshk171 Posts: 76Member
    Thanks evil. This is my first attempt at anything star wars at all and it's hard to determine how much of the piping and fiddly bits are enough.
  • Vortex5972Vortex5972158 Posts: 1,039Member
    Very nice. It's interesting to see a ship of this size from the Star Wars universe.
  • kvorshkkvorshk171 Posts: 76Member
    I haven't really ever seen something in the size range either its big for a small ship with three decks. And I also was trying to blend the Corellian and the Sianar fleet yards look a little to show it was made after the rise of the empire. I also think Im going to have less piping and surface stuff than say the Falcon since its not modified in this stock version. It can do the large "space train" pushing that the yt-1300 was designed for, but also this ship serves as a tug for capital ships.
  • kvorshkkvorshk171 Posts: 76Member
    Ive done some work. Grinded out some panels and been adding the bits of piping and vents. The render setup Im using is taxing on my current video card to say the least so I will post a few more renders as they finish.

    Comments and crits always welcome.
  • evil_genius_180evil_genius_1801467 Posts: 9,680Member
    Those panels look like they took a while to do, but they look great.
  • kvorshkkvorshk171 Posts: 76Member
    Those panels look like they took a while to do, but they look great.

    Yeah to be honest I have no idea how fractalsponge cranks ships out the way they do, this is tedious, mad respect.

    And thank you Im pleased with how the main hull is turning out too. Not sure about those engines, or the aft part of the ship at all really. Where the engines are.
  • evil_genius_180evil_genius_1801467 Posts: 9,680Member
    Yeah, Fractalsponge is a beast. Though, he's also had years and years of practice. You definitely shouldn't hold yourself to his standard, just go at your own pace and let it happen. :)
  • kvorshkkvorshk171 Posts: 76Member
    Trust me I don't evil lol.

    Work on the shield generator. It's a mix of the small ones seen on Rebels, and the big ones on capital ships. Anyone know how to get rid of the triangular shadows on the faces between the extrusions on the globe? The lower ring on the globe.
    sg-1.jpg 464.1K
  • evil_genius_180evil_genius_1801467 Posts: 9,680Member
    That looks really good. The triangle issue is a smoothing error. How to get rid of it varies by program, I don't even know what you're running.
  • kvorshkkvorshk171 Posts: 76Member
    Im using max Evil.

    heres one that i rendered last night.
  • kvorshkkvorshk171 Posts: 76Member
    Maybe this direction for the engines,
  • evil_genius_180evil_genius_1801467 Posts: 9,680Member
    Ah, I know nothing of Max. Basically, what happens in all 3D programs is that all faces are temporarily triangulated when rendering. What you probably have are some non-planar faces and what you're seeing is the line from the triangulation. It looks shadowy on one side because the light is hitting each side differently. Unfortunately, I don't know how to correct this in Max. However, it's not visible from a distance, so you may not want to worry about it unless you plan to do closeups on the shield generators.

    I like that look for the engines a lot better than what you had before.
  • kvorshkkvorshk171 Posts: 76Member
    So in the time I have been away a lot happened. Almost forgot about this little project due to getting a new computer. Realizing that a decent rendering machine makes a pretty good gaming rig.......I got lost for a while. But after going through my art directory and finding this I decided to work on the rear end. I think this looks better than what I had going. Also if you see this Evil, I managed to fix the triangles. In max when that happens you need to edit the normals down to something more manageable for the software. Also been learning a little more about the renderer and lighting, I hope that shows.
  • kvorshkkvorshk171 Posts: 76Member
    Almost forgot that the drone bay in the front got done at some point in the hiatus as well.
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