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3DFar Trader (Traveller)



  • traqtraq0 Posts: 0Member

    I'm back on the modeling kick. I'm working on the interiors. :devil:

    At this point, these will be used as reference material for interior illustrations, and possibly a full "cutaway" drawing. It may be hand-rendered, or I may give it a go in Gimp - haven't decided yet.


    Main cargo bay (port hull):

    Forward cargo/ airraft launch bay (main hull):
    (down the corridor, that's the pilot's cabin on the near side; the crew cabin is opposite.)
  • colbmistacolbmista2 Posts: 0Member
    awsome idea with the airraft launch
  • Capt DaveCapt Dave0 Posts: 0Member
    Ooh, new stuff! Very cool!

    Adrian, will we be putting any of this into the print edition of the book?
  • traqtraq0 Posts: 0Member
    Presently, some of the illustrations for the descriptions for individual compartments are just highlighted sections of the main deckplans. I'm hoping to replace some of them with these 3D views.

    more later today!
  • traqtraq0 Posts: 0Member
    top is a view of the head/ fresher; below is a view into the cabin itself. A morphic partition separates the two areas.

    The pilot's bunk stows in the overhead compartment when not in use to reveal the entertainment/workstation. I'll be doing drawings of both configurations.

  • Capt DaveCapt Dave0 Posts: 0Member
  • ssgbryanssgbryan0 Posts: 0Member
    Too bad they stole all of our money and never delivered on the product.
  • Darth ZiggyDarth Ziggy0 Posts: 0Member
    Yeah, been wondering about this.
  • Capt DaveCapt Dave0 Posts: 0Member
    Anyone that hasn't gotten their books can PM me their shipping address and I will get it out to you asap.
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