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Modeling BB-8

NovakNovak171 Posts: 0Member

Long time I posted here, about 10 years ago I think .
I didn't use 3ds max for ten years, and I really want to take it up again.

I need some tips on how to model this part.

Anyone who wants to give me a tip and tricks how to start and which Modifiers I need to use?

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  • NovakNovak171 Posts: 0Member

    Here is a the full image of the parts I want to model.
  • NovakNovak171 Posts: 0Member
    Hi Thanks anyway.

    I will try to figure it out by myself.
  • SanderleeSanderlee1 Posts: 0Member
    Be patient, Novak. This board doesn't get the traffic it used to, especially not mid-week. One of the gurus here will likely respond in a day or two.

    Me, I have no modelling skills at all. I'm just here for the pretty pics and the occasional nerd conversation. So, alas, I can offer no advice apart from being patient.
  • NovakNovak171 Posts: 0Member
    Hi Sanderlee,

    Previous post was not meant to blame someone. ;)

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