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3D-= The NEW MKF random trek crap thread =-

MadKoiFishMadKoiFish1360 West of the right nutPosts: 3,933Member
edited July 12 in Work in Progress #1
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More edits for 2019 forum move. Think I have the thumbs figured out 180X135 and there is no cropping or rescaling as long as it is first image in thread. >_>
super lazy host based uploads lol.

Well, not that they gain huge amounts of replies I just did not feel like bringing back a thread from 2013. But this really does not constitute a new thread of it's own as it really might not be a proper project. . . . . .

Dunno what I am doing with this or if it will go anywhere. Idea was to base it off of the IOWA sketch from STO and alter things up. Like removing the upper mounted (I assume variable geo) Nacelles for more of a miranda like underslung arrangement. Maybe. Anyhow as said just some messing about for now. it might lead to something more or just die off in a corner somewhere.




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  • BlueNeumannBlueNeumann286 Posts: 1,041Member
    Interesting ship design. The first shot made me think of a stylized N64 controller, but probably bc I have my own controller-inspired ship in the works.
  • MadKoiFishMadKoiFish1360 West of the right nutPosts: 3,933Member



    dunno, wasting a lot of time with nacelles.
  • Vortex5972Vortex597267 Posts: 997Member
    Neat ship. Those nacelles are awesome.
  • rojrenrojren350 Louisville, Kentucky USAPosts: 1,485Member
    I like the nacelles as well. But the rest of the ship...dunno... looks kinda Cardassian-ish
    "...Journeys require endpoints, otherwise you're not Frodo, you're just some homeless guy wandering around with stolen jewelry."
    -The Oatmeal
  • bbeltbbelt0 Posts: 0Member
    It actually looks like it is either a variant or offshoot of the Sabre (Saber?) class ship. Looks good so far. Do those little pylon like struts just below the nacelles have a purpose?
  • TALON_UKTALON_UK0 Posts: 0Member
    Like where those nacelles are going, the rest of the body is an interesting shape too. I think once the details come in even with that unusual shape it'll soon start to look Federation like in design. The design motifs are strong enough for you to branch away from the typical disc shaped hull and still retain a Federation starship feel, just look at the Defiant.
  • MadKoiFishMadKoiFish1360 West of the right nutPosts: 3,933Member
    As some people seem to have issue with reading where this is based off of or just do not remember the images (this was 8yrs ago!! lol) And yeah, sure it might be inspired by a sabre class, I cannot say.


    It is based on this thing. I have done no drawings or expanded work up. Just opened max and started at it. I have intentionally upscaled the ship in size as I think the original was too small. She appeared to be about 100m (KIM the nacelles are MUCH shorter) mine is 190ish m or 140m sans nacelles. The image should have call outs for parts I have on mine. Only thing I will not do is stick phasers all over it and all over major elements like engines or across what clearly are rooms or other machinery.

    I am still trying to justify the hunched back, I have lowered the elevation a lot compared to the drawing. ATM it is being retained mostly for the shapes it produces on the rear view of the ship. Primarily I am aiming to retain the overall silhouette of the ship and some elements of it.

    Changes, I have removed the battleship pented front to the superstructure and moved to a rounded front on it and the bridge housing. Replaced those meh struts with heavy pylons that flow with the adjoining deck, I will likely thin these out later on. The connection to the nacelles is bleh as it overlaps that lit area. I will have to look at altering things to clear that area up. The nacelles in of themselves will have that parted together look most of my post TNG stuff has.



  • MadKoiFishMadKoiFish1360 West of the right nutPosts: 3,933Member
    not much for an update as I spent most of the time merging up shapes and dealing with the nightmare of all the overlapped faces and crap. So now the "saucer" and all the elevations are one piece and cleaned up. Also spent time on the connectors for all the bits though there is a lot more to go as it is all blocky bits and bobs.


  • commandersozocommandersozo177 Posts: 427Member
    i like, what you did with the nacelles. they are much more starfleet-like then the ones of the iowa-class from richard. look forward to the development of this.
  • MadKoiFishMadKoiFish1360 West of the right nutPosts: 3,933Member
    impulse doodahs.
    I really do need to look at that hull below all of the impulse greebly area as that is a huge flat area of hull that I just do not like. I am sort of toying with the idea of sticking some large observation or lounge rooms somewhere off the back "saucer" area but I do not want to put them right under the drives. Maybe in those funny triangle/pentagon things that flank the central hull. SHRUG.


  • AresiusAresius338 Posts: 4,125Member
    Nice to see you here again.
    I vaguely remember this design, like it so far.
  • MadKoiFishMadKoiFish1360 West of the right nutPosts: 3,933Member
    In all great traditions, I pinched bits off other models. namely the deflector off the G and some lifeboats from the Linerunner. NOW keep in mind these are off other models and will need retexturing (mostly the linerunner bits) to match up tot he existing hull surfacing and glow bits etc. The lifeboats are in a rough out mode as the original did not have them on, actually I think none of the later sto ships have em. I figure this thing wont need large counts of the things so maybe some on the leading edge of the saucer thing in addition to what I have now should do. I am still not sure how I will dress them though. Be they cut into a recess or some other "trimming" One thing I do hate about them is they really interfere with internal planning as you need to consider rooms windows to those rooms and hallways. Then all the other crap piercing the hull like phasers and sensors.



  • MadKoiFishMadKoiFish1360 West of the right nutPosts: 3,933Member
    Issue with using and adapting old textures and materials to new methods is you often gaff some place. . . . . lol anyhow found some of the settings I had were contradicting the gloss channels and even now it is still a bit dodgy as this rough surfacing like what I used on the Connie just does not work here I do not think. So I will have to diddle about and see if I can find a new set up or figure out which of the TNGish ones I have done that I actually will accept today. The one that was with this starting file I had just was not up to my wants/demands anymore. (used the old Xshuttle file as a template, probably should have used the reimagined tos stuff or the onimaru, though some of that is already years old lol)

    Anyhow updates are mostly the meh doodahs in the central hull. I am still not so sure about having torps near the top of the hull behind that round thing. But trek mantra shields go ship usually goes as the weapons can easily breach anything of a sizeable girth so burying components is a bit moot. Something many forget. Either case it still bothers me some that they are so near the surface as well as a thin area of the hull then add in the fact they are pretty much inline with the nacelles. I dunno how much that would disrupt a field vs it firing offset to the central axis/equatorial. HAH um, also I have no idea what that greeble facing front will be, lounge, windows, some sensor, dealies, vents, whatevers?


  • AresiusAresius338 Posts: 4,125Member
    Well no harm using things and doodads from other models when they fit. :)

    Nice work, the resemblance to the Saber-class is really apparent, it's gorgeous.
  • MadKoiFishMadKoiFish1360 West of the right nutPosts: 3,933Member
    Hunchback stuff. Not sure if I will keep it all.



    apparently I forgot to upload these too.


  • MadKoiFishMadKoiFish1360 West of the right nutPosts: 3,933Member
    decided that pit needed a break and faffed about with the nacelles, I think maybe for the worse. lol I was thinking they were a bit too long then I started to mental floss with the arrangement and wanted to see what I could do while they were still in a rough block out condition. I might be considering a replacement for them entirely.



  • SAMSABER_2012SAMSABER_20120 Posts: 13Member
    MadKoiFish wrote: »
    Well, not that they gain huge amounts of replies I just did not feel like bringing back a thread from 2013. But this really does not constitute a new thread of it's own as it really might not be a proper project. . . . . .

    I get so excited when I look at there angles here. I like the deflector effect here.
  • MadKoiFishMadKoiFish1360 West of the right nutPosts: 3,933Member
    Bridge bits and officers lounge/meeting room. Also a closer in look at the spine details.



  • BarricadeBarricade186 Posts: 151Member
    I like this. Especially as I use the model you're basing this off of in STO as my preferred tactical escort skin (although its a T6 underneath). However I most -definitely- prefer where you added what appears to be weapon pods on either side of the hull, below the nacelles.

    If I may suggest something to try? That circular object directly above the aft conference room? Wrap a 360 phaser strip around it.
  • MadKoiFishMadKoiFish1360 West of the right nutPosts: 3,933Member
    It wouldn't work as the nacelles obstruct the line of sight latterly around the left and right of the ship. It is why I did not do any sort of turret or weapons load out except the torps on the central hull. There is no room for it either as the strips are more than the exposed elements. STO suffers this terribly having phasers in places impossible, like they are some decal or applique. That disc atm would house the firing room and likely a sensor room/elements for the torps.

    ATM I am considering changing out and altering the nacelle positions etc to see if I can at least clear a lateral field of view from that area as I have considered either a pulse phaser turret, of course it would replace all the torpedo bits which would be relocated elsewhere.

    Real joke of this design as it sits is the bottom of that central hull has a better line of sight than any uplifting of the upper decks provides.


    Those weapons pods though I dislike pods or snap on upgrade crap have been kept from the original art and as a means to balance the shape of the ship. It is also part of what got me to do the ship really the fore or aft view of the ">--<" shape stands out quite a bit.
  • MadKoiFishMadKoiFish1360 West of the right nutPosts: 3,933Member
    Bunch of lumpy bits aft of the bridge. All being roughed in as I decide what to do with that lifted bit in the middle. I am also rethinking that upper room as it just appears a bit to large in glass and dunno kinda iffy. (read; it bothers me a bit)


  • JWWrightJWWright171 Posts: 0Member
    MKF, your work is stunning as usual. It almost looks like a small outdoor amphitheater just aft of the bridge... the steps up to, airlock hatches? Is it me or do the two teethed cylinders either side of that area look like the settings selector on a type 1 hand phaser? Are those sensor arrays? I dig the observation deck farther back, is that engineering or the ship's watering hole? ( I see, Officers Lounge, party on!) Those nacelles are very sessy!
  • MadKoiFishMadKoiFish1360 West of the right nutPosts: 3,933Member
    The dail like things are sort of lifted from one of my other ships and loosely based off some of the greeblies off of one of the Eaves design studies. As for the rest it was just me futzing around. I was sort of going for a central detail with bits fanning off from it. Those kinked areas like steps probably are a bit much as they do look just like that vs just shapes. ATM they would be a good 2ft step though. The upper window deck would be some lounge or mess hall or something similar. I have not really decided and likely it might go away. No major systems rooms would have windows in my builds.
  • MadKoiFishMadKoiFish1360 West of the right nutPosts: 3,933Member
    Working int he details so that lower area isn't so blocky. Also yanked off some of the elements too as it was too busy. One regret is some things Id like to make bigger to balance form more so I might start ripping it all up. Mostly it is that central sensor thing would likely look better at 2X the size it is now. I also still am not decided on what will happen with the raised area above all this crap. Oh and more "parts" from other ships and really something I have included I think on most all of my post TNG ships.

  • MadKoiFishMadKoiFish1360 West of the right nutPosts: 3,933Member
    Small refinements and other changes. Mostly markings and correcting some shapes. I do think I probably should tune some of these materials so they work with each other more.
  • SnowCrashSnowCrash177 Posts: 276Member
    looking at this stuff is always an inspiration!
  • MadKoiFishMadKoiFish1360 West of the right nutPosts: 3,933Member

    Mulling about with ideas on the nacelles. My first thought of making these a more traditional arrangement is not sitting well with the design so I am considering doing something with a cutaway closer to the original design. I am just attempting to avoid the bussard layout on the original as I really dislike that style. Using influence from the Eaves drawings that he did for the early STO concepts. AGAIN only relation this has are concept works I have not played the game and likely never will.

    Top is what would have been, as I am considering the bottom image for the replacement and positioning them like they are in the concept drawing, removing the strut structure in the process.
  • MadKoiFishMadKoiFish1360 West of the right nutPosts: 3,933Member
    blocky quickie of the things to see how they fit and what sort of length and scaling I would want. I still have to resort to some mini strut or brace to blend in that one deck to the nacelle.


    an arse view is added.
    as well as those ministruts I mentioned.
  • MadKoiFishMadKoiFish1360 West of the right nutPosts: 3,933Member
    Lots of ugly going on and just way too thick in places but a bit more refined than before. I think the hunch along the top side is going to get flattened out more to offset the main body of the nacelle further up than it is now.



    I have also decided I need to clean up the ass end of all those greeble bits in between the hull plates. Just too much crap going on in there.
  • MadKoiFishMadKoiFish1360 West of the right nutPosts: 3,933Member
    More refining


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