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Need help from UK based 3d artists

DeksDeks186 Posts: 246Member
edited October 2015 in General Discussion #1
Hey guys... long time no spoke.

Well, lots of things have been going on with me lately, and I got into Endiburgh college on an HND 3d Animation course - meh, I decided that having an actual degree in the field might end up beneficial.

Long story short, a report came up which I need to do with a person that's employed in the UK in a specific creative industry sector (such as animation - though they can also be self-employed or a freelancer too).

The overall course seems relatively simple in some areas, though a bit complex in others (Photography for example in which I have 0 experience).
Looks like most of the 3d animation stuff will be done in Mudbox - not something I'm familiar with, though should be an interesting addition to my 3d Studio Max.
That, and the premise that the college works on MacOS is not exactly something I find thrilling.

Anyway, if any one of you are currently working in the creative industry within UK in the animation sector (or similar), would appreciate it if we could set up an 'interview' for this report.
It needs to be at least 1500 words, but can be done via skype (as in written communication, not video because the file could easily end up too big - plus my microphone on the laptop is out of commission right now) or email correspondence by 16th November (though, if I can get it all done in the next couple of weeks, that would be ideal, since I'd like to do most of the assignments we received ahead of time as much as possible so I can focus on other real-life prospects such as finding another part-time job to support myself - oh and the tutor asked me so he could get in touch with the one I interview - only for the purpose of verification so he knows the person is real).
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  • SamuraiSamurai176 Posts: 392Member
    Hey Deks, you're just up the road! I'm in Newcastle.

    Sure you're gonna love Edinburgh (if I can help with either the photography or the Mac OS bits let me know)

    As far as interviews etc' are concerned, there should be a few options both locally and not too far away. There are quite a few "boutique" 3D houses in Newcastle- Epic Games have their UK HQ here, for example, but there are others too. You could always see if Tobian would be up for it?

    Let me know if there's any particular field or style that you're looking for- if I can think of anyone/where that may be able to contribute I'll let you know.
    More of an "Absolute Member", to be fair...
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