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3DKuun-Lan from Cataclysm 2nd by Norsehound

callitricallitri171 Posts: 0Member
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hi there
as i am a diehard homeworld fan i look for anything related to it , i found this ship a while back on the relicnews forum , the author is Norsehound , who imo is a very talented artist i like all his work , specialy this because these ships feel so real so credible and as he said the original homeworld cataclysm was a bit strange , i like his version
so long story short the ship in question the mothership from the story it uses a modular construction
started working on it finished one of the modules so far , the hangar module
as people put on there works credits to others if they use there models , well i give norsehound credits for the ideas
the link to the forum is here
i liked it very much becuase he explaind a lot of the ships why they look how they look and so on
well hope u like it

Updated the picture with the current status of the Kuun Lan
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