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Searching for an old rant about the Sovereign class

The TroubadourThe Troubadour0 Posts: 0Member
edited February 2015 in General Discussion #1
Hi all, I've re-registered after a long time away, I was known as Bwana the Sheep back then. (It looks like there was a member purge.) Anyhow, I just have a strange question, and I understand if it's completely impractical and there's no way to get an answer!

A few years back, someone posted an absolutely delicious rant about how the Sovereign class is a giant deathtrap, even drawing on a render with angry scribbles, regarding its apparently useless "shelf" just below the shuttle bay, and other impractical qualities. I've been looking through the forums with an advanced search, without luck. I promise I'm not asking anyone to do work while I laze about, I'm just wondering if it immediately rings a bell for someone.

I'm asking mainly because I'm a writer looking to make a large for-fun Star Trek novel online and I'd like my main engineer to have a scribbled-on blueprint in his office with a bunch of ranty edits. I have a really neat ship design I've only been brainstorming so far, a long-range science vessel with the ability to defend itself against huge foes without lethal force.

Anyhow, hi again everyone! If this doesn't ring a bell, feel free to joke with me here about amusing design choices on Star Trek! I'm looking at you, Constitution with the neck begging to be snapped! (Well, that's only a problem during wartime, so it's anti-Roddenberry to insist everything be prepared for a fightA….)
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  • LonewriterLonewriter227 Posts: 1,023Member
    I remember a thread like that but the forum had some issues awhile ago so it may have been deleted. I'd like to read that too.
  • evil_genius_180evil_genius_180622 Posts: 8,323Member
    I don't know if they still do it, but I'm pretty sure the admins used to routinely purge threads over a certain age. Plus, there are the issues mentioned by Lonewriter.
  • homerpalooza67homerpalooza67226 Posts: 1,891Member
    And there was a forum crash a number of years ago. Everything got lost
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