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3DBSG: all this has happended before.

AnimaniacAnimaniac2 Posts: 0Member
edited December 2014 in Finished Work #1
Another new Scene from the first Cylon-War, like always with Cinema 4D and Photoshop for Postwork, hope you like it.
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  • spacefighterspacefighter0 Posts: 0Member
    very cool image. looks good enough that it could be a still from the series(other than the blue glow of the impact in the bottom left corner which looks a bit too simple and not bright enough). great models, well lit and good smoke trail effects.
  • TrekMDTrekMD188 Posts: 625Member
    Looks great! Nicely done!
  • evil_genius_180evil_genius_1801459 Posts: 9,670Member
    Awesome stuff. I especially love the weapons effects. :)
  • AnimaniacAnimaniac2 Posts: 0Member
    Thanks Guys!
  • VK08VK080 Posts: 0Member
    Would have been REALLY nice to have been credited for my raiders, but guess it's not cool to credit chicks eh?
  • rojrenrojren452 Louisville, Kentucky USAPosts: 1,557Member
    VK08 wrote: »
    Would have been REALLY nice to have been credited for my raiders, but guess it's not cool to credit chicks eh?

    Uhmmm... I see credits. Or are they not specific enough?
  • VK08VK080 Posts: 0Member
    Ro: he credited Tanj, Treybor and himself there's no mention of the raiders.. and who built them.. this image is posted on at least 4 places i know of now and it was brought to my attention by one of Drexler's VFX team as I also work for Doug on a different project..

    (If anyone really needs to know who told me it was Gabe... )
  • AnimaniacAnimaniac2 Posts: 0Member
    Like i sayed in the PM, you are Credited as VK08 from the Beginn (Check Posting-Time At all 4 Destinations, no editions maded), and like i know theres no need to write a Book about the used Models. Many Artists posts the Credits in this Form.
  • TovetteTovette5 Posts: 13Member
    The credits look close enough to me.
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