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AnimationBSG Series The Chase/Resurrect w/Xray Dog (Full Length)

RandalRRandalR0 Posts: 0Member
edited August 2014 in Finished Work #1
I feel as if I have passed a milestone. Prolly the Best I can throw.
I feel like I have made it. This is it. I finally Did it Adrian~!

I know what it is to Birth a Space Battle!

A culmination of all that I can muster from 4 years of chasing a dream.
To make a Space Battle animation that Kikz A__!
--- imho


And for those that must see the original video that is now an endangered video.
---- please give to the Homeless and Endangered Videos Fund.
--- and to the Videos against Climate Change foundation---
---and the Let's give Illegal Videos (L.I.V.) a right to drive cars movement---

hahahah Im in a good mood. :D

Best Regards,

Hope you liked,

Cya Soon,

Randal R.
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  • spacefighterspacefighter0 Posts: 0Member
    i've watched the first video, albeit with sound turned off after 01:18, the effects and camera angles are as pleasing as ever. the raider burning around the 01:40 mark is great. the camera panning past the viper at 02:52 is nice and shows clearly that you have found a way to texture the battlestars in detail, well done. when your videos are like that it get's hard to spot anything specifically wrong with them.

    the second video in your post is also nice but the explosion effects are nowhere near as good, though the heavy fire from the battlestar is decent. the viper engine effect at 00:38 is not so good either, the ones in your other video were brighter, bluer and more visible.

    by the way what happened to your youtube stuff, all your youtube vids in the other thread show themselves as being dead. i don't know what your "IUCN redlist for videos" is about or what you are talking about with videos and climate change, i've come to the conclusion we should stop worrying about climate change and start acting(building plenty of fission plants and a couple of tidal barrages to get us through the next few decades then hoping fusion is developed fast enough to save civilisation). and "videos driving cars" seems like a recipe for: a "quicktime" spent on the "mov" before someone says "gif" me the wheel and then "aaf" an hour later "dat" is "dat" and you find yourself sprawled on the "fla" wishing with your heart and "sol" that you didn't need an "mpeg" put through your broken arm to hold it together but atleast the whole thing was captured on "cam".
  • RandalRRandalR0 Posts: 0Member
    Hey, that 2nd video is the original, should not have watched it
    it does not count.

    But, I got bad news.

    Since I never get any comments,or just 1 or 2 (SciFi meshes excluded) bad ones, mainly on CG forums.
    (occassionaly I get a positive one)
    And that an expert of 16 years now in CG has said for a year, I don't know anything about cg.
    That I should quit....twice before...spoke up about this video.

    it needs lots of work in many areas.

    It's an insult. from past words with this guy, its an insult.
    But, still, no one seems to like them, no one seems to enjoy them.
    so, maybe I wont make any any more. I spend all my time making these videos.
    and it aint never good enuff.

    Well, if I could make it better , it would be.
    if I culd make it CG perfect. or meet minimum CG Standards,
    or make it TV Hollywood quality. I would have.
    I do not know how. I am self taught. I use a 3d app.

    Spacefighter, you been great. This forum so far has been good.
    But, I now have 2 more forums I will not post at anymore. which leaves about3-4 total I visit.
    so, no point making any is there?

    Maybe I should make a video with all the models in RAW downloaded condition. then see what MR. CG Expert @_____ thinks..
    then I can blame the modeler's !!!!!

    My apologies,. but I am a manic Dpressive, and this guy did it to me again. So I got to blow words somewhere.
    So, SciFi meshes is my shoulder to cry on atm,
  • TralfazTralfaz250 Posts: 783Member
    Hey Randal, try not to let other peoples views and opinions get to you. If the criticism is constructive, either positive or negative, it can only help to make us better. But if it is just out and out rude and degrading, then they have issues of their own and the only way they can make themselves feel better is by putting others down. I've seen great progress in your videos since you first started posting here and am amazed at what you have been able to accomplish using only Cinema 4D. So much so, that I had asked for some help in your WIP post in doing your moving star fields.

    My own personal feeling is that there is always room for improvement, no matter how good it is, otherwise we do not grow as an artist. I find the folks here at Sci-fi meshes are a great group of people who are courteous and polite in how they respond to others (at least in the threads I go to). Don't let these other buffoons stop you from expressing your creative output. I suffer from severe depression and will be on meds for the rest of my life and find doing CG modeling and animation an excellent way to release built up anxiety and negative feelings. My wife understands and realizes it is a type of therapy for me, although she would like to see me get out more and interact with other people socially, but that is another story.

    You mention that you spend a lot of time doing the videos and no one likes them. The question is, do you like them and do you enjoy creating them? It feels great to get positive feedback, but in the end, how does creating the videos make you feel. Do you get satisfaction and enjoyment out of doing your work? That is what really matters.

    Whichever way you decide to go, I wish you the best of luck in whatever you choose to do.

    Sincerely, Al
  • spacefighterspacefighter0 Posts: 0Member
    i can't really add much to this but i would say that youtube comments next to people's videos are usually utterly insensitive, uninformed, badly written and the sort of thing that makes one lose faith in our own species. i don't know if the vile individuals who insulted your good work were commenting on youtube, some forum or some chat site but i can be pretty sure of why a lot of them do it. because they can't make such good things themselves they attack anyone who can, i've seen it online and in the physical world "if i can't have it no-one can" is the motto of that kind of twisted person. be assured that while your videos may contain little flaws and defects they are orders of magnitude better than what most of the population can do, and a damn sight better than many things that i have seen being described as "excellent" or other things which some how find their way onto the first page of youtube vids for "space battle" or "battlestar animation". it seems to me you enjoy the act of creating these videos so if i were you i would keep doing it, watch the "bleeeeps"(replace with whatever expletive you desire) criticize it and laugh to yourself knowing they only do so because they are (incapable of producing any decent video content)/(able to do cgi but so badly they might as well not and hence envious of you)/(unwilling to put in any time or effort)/(lead such dull and warped lives they have to take to insulting people online to keep themselves satisfied).
  • RandalRRandalR0 Posts: 0Member
    I really appreciate you guys's kind and wise words.

    I suffer from severe manic depression and other things.

    The Expert, in the past, has said.
    1. I dont know anything about cg.
    2.I should give it up.
    3rd message was, I (He) have been in CG 15 years and I(me) make crap.
    4th message and last I read, was,
    Their is a reason no one posts on your threads at cg forums, you suck basically.
    Then I had the misfortune of receiving a crit on finish thread saying needs work in many areas, to me, it was insult.
    Especially from him.yeah.

    I am hip to everything you said, and it will take some time to get over it.
    My only post reply to his says that, Makes you feel better huh?

    I spent over 1200 hours on Apoc, and bout 300 appx on this one.3 months/2+ weeks
    Plus all that came before in building up the assets.

    An Expert would realize that this was a huge effort. That I am one person doing all of it.
    It is not a studio Project or a Paid for Production. But , I dint think it that way.
    I just saw Bully and wanted to go ballistically Postal.

    Am really curious what the frak needs improved. Done all I could on it, and know, and it still needs work?
    So, I naturally felt like a ffing idiot loser wannabe.

    Pers. Info --- Background Info---Statement
    See Depression has a way of avoiding your good reasoning.
    And making yu see the world with narrow, negative lenses.
    Wide Mood swings,emotional outbursts and more, then there is the lasting effects of all the Bad Medicine.
    ---- in 17-20 years of trying, there is no medicine for this, its a marketing cash cow and revolving door.

    And the Meds are 100% worse than any Illegal drug but Heroin/Meth. Trust me, I got more symptoms/ailments from meds than I do from depression. 3 shots can equal 6 months of unyielding acathesia < if that is what I actually suffered through. then another 2-3 years to come down to a tolerable level.But will have it for life.
    Thats just one drug and one effect, and the fact sheets on these drugs are scary enuff I have sworn off all medicine 2 years ago.Most can and will cause you to commit suicide. 5 of mine came after treatment and on the meds and one while in the damn hospital.<<
    --If your doctor gave you a pill, and said, this will help reduce a heart attack, then you get home, read the drug facts, and learn that this pill may also "Cause" a Heart Attack, would you continue taking it? <<< almost all Psyche/Anti-D drugs have these disclaimers.
    So, its poppy cock!

    In 2006, 313 billion in AntiD' and anti psyche sold US/worlwide not sure, source, Making a killing, the truth about.... A documentary.And a BBC Documentary the truth about depression.
    Who aint on these? an estimated 3-6 billion in Black Market Sales???? Normal people like these drugs, makes em feel good, me and others, just side effects. Always has been.I have never had any "Mental Medicine" that made me feel better.

    Drugs are approved for 2-4 yr olds? Children are being diagnosed with Bi-polar at 2 years old. and dead at age 4 .
    No suicide!!! Child cant speak or read and has mental Illness that requires treatment.They are freeking crazy for money.
    And they are protected by law..-Informed Consent, in which 99% of the time, they do not explain this or the dangers of the meds at all.And you sign it with all the other forms they throw at you in your final 15 minutes in Ward., and I will bet you dont even know you did.Cant leave if you don't sign!!!!

    WAKE up America , Treatment is a lie. You sit in a wing,hospital, ward, for2-3-5 weeks, fed meds, never see your Witch Doctor till the day-hour you leave. Never asks you anything, Performs no Medical test....Btw, there is no test to determine if you are mentally ill.The surveys they hand you ask questions that everyone experiences and has, but the questionnaire is for the drug companies, not the doctor.So, they can find new ways to market what they push.

    I can go on for hours about my experiences as Mental Health Patient. Im telling you, I believe it all to be a marketing plan, that has now engulfed the media, the FDA,all politicians of course, the Medical Establishment, and the general population.
    If in 20 years They cant find the right medicine at the right doses that masks my symptoms, then there is no help to be had.
    With new drugs coming out 2,3,more every 6 mos, because the FDA has fast track for psyches.
    [[[[[ It is my opinion the FDA is a bad agency at current status- they do not have the public interest in mind. just look at all the lawsuits that can be filed where disclaimers fail. Boys with breasts because of risperodone? which i have had.All the recalls of food,,medicine and always, bad drugs being pulled off market after approval by them. and it usually takes 10 years before they realize the mistake they made, but inmho, its bout money, keeping the economic engine going and political contributions flowing]]]]]]]]

    And after 15 years of meds, and 5-6 attempts while in care or on meds, only one conclusion....
    Mental Health System is a farce/lie/marketing genious.
    They have no interest in any cure. Psychiatrists and Medical Doctors have no idea what depression really is, but Medical Doc's do believe it is rooted in the physical anatomy.
    It has been discovered that 25% of the hioppocampus is reduced in Depressed persons.
    as in Awakenings the movie, Drug companies are only interested in treating symptoms, and not causes, or find the cause.
    Treatment is a experiment of Drug cocktails that in most studies show only 1-3 % effectiveness.<< media is not on board with
    the truth.
    Thats why So many patients, like me have been in time in time out , many repeated stays, and the reason you must stay?
    In case the drug kills you, causes some major malfunction in the body/Brain. which they have no real means of reversing.
    Benadryl, for acathesia? like throwing a piece of rice at the sun and having the Sun turn white.

    You only speak to nurses about your symptoms or condition. I can go on and on and on, bout my exp's in wards.

    Well, there it is, I spilled the beans but good.... I feel very strongly about my situation with the Mental Health "System"
    --oh yeah, I am VA victim also--since 1991-3 and APPX-10 scandals(REPORTED) 20 years and 50,000 promises to fix it.
    Hopefully, someone will heed my message and avoid all hell I been thru with it. And the Price I am paying till I die.

    I think Doctors and the like, should not get paid or be paid if they fail to correctly diagnose and treat someone.
    No different than any other goods and services offered, if you dont like service, product, return for a refund.
    Case in point, I have had symptoms of something or somethings since 2009, that have been diagnosed as 9 different things
    in the first year.And none of the treatments worked.9 diag. 9 fails. I attribute it now to the meds.And also, if you been on the meds for 3 weeks to 3 months with no noticeable change..and your Psyche tells you keep taking the meds, stop immediately,fire him and see a psychologist instead.
    Here is one, ask any psyche or Mental Health Professional what chemical(s) are
    the ones that are supposed to be imbalanced? Name one! And if they do, why then are you not treating me with that compound?

    Makes you wonder though, how does a drug that is for depression and suicide prevention, make a pre-pube male grow breasts? That one did not make it on the Disclaimer Sheet, and now is being
    used by lawyers for suits.

    Another interesting thing I have learned.About a drug that helps with so called irritable bowel syndrome.They tested chemical compounds, and in the facts, here is the truth of it.
    --Testing reveals out of 14 mice, the drug(s) showed that 1 out of 8 crapped 1 more time per week on avg. than the untreated mice, hence, they found a drug for constipation.
    it was true, only 1 mouse had 1 more chit per week in the disclosure.
    But there are already drugs for constipation, if you have irritable bowel syndrome (other words, constipation), which probably does not really exist, you have a new disease or affliction, that everyone will think they have.

    I wonder if the mice had irritable bowel syndrome before they tested the drugs????
    and if they did, then the drug dint work too well did it? , So, 1 in 8 people who take the drug will get relief once a week....and the 30 day avg drops by 50%.

    Seriously could I make all this up? I could write a small novel of my 15+ years as an ass to the system.I dint ask questions or start digging for info till a few years ago, and My eyes have been opened.

    EDIT: another, I saw a 60 minutes segment recently bout the need for mental health services and treatments. Their star, a young youtuber in puberty asking for drugs, because he feels he may hurt someone and does not want to.
    1. he is in puberty, hormones and all.
    2.. he is asking for drugs and meds for it,or a means to them, but has not seen a doctor or a psyche. << to which, they pull out the Rx pad as soon as you walk in.
    3.Xanex,zoloft and others are the biggest Black Market drugs in circulation.
    4.Teens use drugs.
    5.He was afraid of telling his parents that he needed help? <<<<Clincher!!!!!

    My conclusion, he was a teen after Prescription drugs.And dint want his parents to know.
    And they presented it as there is a cry for help and a crisis in the land.And the gov't aint doing enough about it. Really, does one ask for mental help on youtube?

    its possible, but I am mentally ill, and I saw the video, and I dint buy a word of what the kid says.
    He plays depressed in my opinion.

    Yeah I gave 60 mins my 6 minutes worth of what I thought of that utterly biased report./

    Thank you for being patient and understanding, but, like I said, I got nuttin else to do now.

  • spacefighterspacefighter0 Posts: 0Member
    no true expert is going to make comments quite like that, anyone very good with cgi looking at something they think is bad might say so but would not tell the producer of it to "give up". next time you call the unpleasant guy an "expert" make sure to use inverted commas around the word, i doubt very much that he is. just look at how the better modellers on here describe work they don't like, i haven't noticed any of them going as far as a full attack on the guy struggling with whatever he has made.
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