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3DWork In Progress of stargate Iris

pir9008pir90080 Posts: 0Member
edited November 2013 in Work in Progress #1
The iris is opening and closing nothing special as of yet. still busy. looking for some input on the vortex creation. iris opening.jpgiris opening 2.jpg
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  • tommygdawgtommygdawg0 Posts: 0Member
    Looking great; would love to see it in motion!
  • pir9008pir90080 Posts: 0Member
    yes the animation is 108 mb in size will try upload to tube and place a link tonight. working on creating the flower part. might just be simple and not as extravagant as the real thing but would be close i think.

    Upload in progress
  • pir9008pir90080 Posts: 0Member
    upload Completed
  • tommygdawgtommygdawg0 Posts: 0Member
    Good start! On the show iris, you don't actually see the individual blades as it opens and closes, it's more of a perfect circle, and I think it's a bit too fast. I think the speed varies a bit on the show iris. It'll slow down a bit at the end of it when it's nearly closed.

    Try using the curve editor on the key frames to adjust the interpolation.
  • pir9008pir90080 Posts: 0Member
    yea its nothing like the shows one at this point and yes thanks for reminding me on the speed. i will change it soon as i have it perfect. am working on getting the flower part as well to match the shows one.
    as i understand they used a deformation for the iris. not too sure on the specifics though and the worm hole start is well shall i say more tricky at this point but will keep working on it.
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