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Request: VFX Artists (Remake of well known cartoon scifi series) (unpaid)

LennOLennO5 Posts: 0Member
edited July 2013 in Looking for... #1
Hey Guys,

haven't been here in ages, because of jobs and studying film.

To get straight to the point, I'm currently building up a small VFX Team for an upcoming project, which will be based on popular cartoon scifi show (at least very popular in europe). Unfortunately i cannot disclose details about the project at the current time, however, it does have the support of the original creators. This will currently be unpaid, as the Film is being developed in two stages, with a trailer coming first, which will also be our Bachelor of Arts Degree in Film at FH Dortmund in Germany, and be used for an crowd funding campaign at a later date to get the full movie started. If funding allows, artists will be paid, but depending on the budget propably not up to the general standards as there is currently no big studio backing this up and a lot of the budget will have to go into euqipment, sets, costumes and locations.
I myself will currently not make any money with this whatsoever A– we will actually be throwing a lot of money into it.

What I am searching for is experienced scifi modelers (largely app independent as mostly modelling and texturing of mid to low poly assets will be outsourced from the core team, the pipeline however will be Maya/Mental Ray based) that would be interested in contributing to an independent movie project. At this point i cannot promise anything more then your name in the credits, however if funding of the movie allows, i will make sure you'll be rewarded for your work (as I, myself, would expect to be treated as well). Those of you who still remember me will definately know that I'm not searching for cheap artist to exploit.

You would also help us with our Bachelor, and on top of that, if the movie is green lit, we will make sure every one who contributed to the trailer will get a job on the movie as well.

This will take up some of your time, and we will have to trust in your commitment to the project. If this sounds about right for you, just drop me a private message and I will contact you. Production of the trailer starts around the end of the year or beginning of next year, and we are currently in preproduction, so there is still a lot of time left. If you contact me now, I'll contact you back when it's time to get things rolling, to make sure you're still interested and have time!

I cannot guarantee that everyone who sends a message will become part of the team, as we'd like to keep it nice and small, however, there are propably jobs for any level of 3d experience. We will however, favor people with production experience or a great resume! You will be required to model within certain limits set by the supervisors.

Thanks a lot people!

To all of you who DO remember me. I'm not dead, just been totally busy. Greetings to all of you, and maybe some of you would like to contribute A– would love to work with you.
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  • lennier1lennier1259 Posts: 1,053Member
    Great to hear from you again!
    Would've been great, but I'm currently swamped with work myself.

    Hope you'll post an update once additional people have joined the project and you can say more.
  • LennOLennO5 Posts: 0Member

    Yeah… I'm kinda swamped with work too, and the workload with this additional project will be heavy, but i guess the end result is worth it. Maybe you'll have time at a later stage – if we are still searching for people in the coming months, I'll just drop you a line.

    More information will be made publically availble, though most likely not before the trailer is released.

    Thanks, and good to see the old folks are still around here! ;)
  • CoolhandCoolhand241 PhobosPosts: 1,273Member
    In the same boat as you guys... but great to see you back on the board, even if you are only looking to steal people away for your project;)
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