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PracticalNSEA Protector from Galaxy Quest

EnterpraisEnterprais197 Posts: 124Member
edited May 2013 in Finished Work #1
Hello, just wanted to show my recent work on this model. I added some electonic lights.
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  • saulteniansaultenian0 Posts: 0Member
    Holy cow! Fantastic model! Love the lights...never give up, never surrender!
  • evil_genius_180evil_genius_1801854 Posts: 9,999Member
    Interesting timing. Last night, I watched that movie again. Today, this. :D

    That's a great model. I love the lights.
  • bosunbosun62 Posts: 0Member
    By Grapthar's hammer, what a model!
  • Chris2005Chris2005512 Posts: 3,058Member
    Very cool, there's a decent 3D model around the internet, it's something I'd love to see someone take a stab at to make a more detailed 3D model.
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  • BorgManBorgMan208 DutchlandPosts: 581Member
    My god. That detail is amazing! And the detachable bridge module is awesome too. Great job!
  • japetusjapetus1596 SeattlePosts: 1,170Member
    By grabthar's hammer, what a model!
  • Lord OvermindLord Overmind0 Posts: 5Member
    Da da da Dadadada da da da dada da da da dadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

    (Yes, I counted the "Da's")
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