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Star Citizen

ChukkChukk0 Posts: 0Member
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Well I think this could be an excellent future game and even more interesting is that they are already talking about user made space vehicles. These ships already have a very high face count as shown! The discussions within these forums of one day being able to see his or hers very high poly count model within a game environment might actually be within the very near future.
I suggest everyone should have a look and curious as to what you guys think.
I still remember plugging in 3.5 floppy disks over and over into my Tandy 1000 to play the original Wing Commander. My wife thought I was nuts then!

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  • FalinFalin0 Posts: 0Member
    looks interesting, has many of the concepts and ideas i've advocated for in MMO's for years now, but really not a whole lot of information on exactly what the game is in terms of FPS, PVP, PVE.
  • ComcoComco315 Posts: 1,280Administrator
    It's important to note that SC is not an MMO. This could be a distinction that decends into semantics, but if you take Eve as the model of a space MMO - or ST Online for that matter - then this is absolutely not like those games. Chris Roberts (the games creator and the creator of the original Wing Commander games) has stated that the game will feature both single player and online components but that the game is a space-sim at heart. It won't be a "mash the mouse button to fire at the enemy" game, but a true space sim in the spirit of Wing Commander, TIE Fighter or Freespace.

    The online components sound pretty exciting as they are taking the trading and exploration components from games like Elite, Privateer or Freelancer and putting them online. They're effectively taking the parts of MMOs that are relevant (ie, persistant world, a real supply/demand economy etc and bringing them into the game, but avoiding stamping out yet another generic MMO-style gameplay model.

    One of the coolest things that they're showing off at the moment is the physics based manuvering of the ships in-engine. It's hard to describe at midnight when my brain isn't working, so I'll let the video explain it. :)

  • ChukkChukk0 Posts: 0Member
    Well as forecast, Star Citizen is already looking at Fan made models for this up and coming game. It would be quite a thrill to not only fly but walk around your space craft within the game. Worth keeping an eye on I think!

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