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'Elite: Dangerous', a hard sci-fi game on Kickstarter

Darkmoon_UKDarkmoon_UK0 Posts: 0Member
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Elite, the space combat and trading game back in the eighties was truly groundbreaking, the definition of a genre. And now, over 25 years later, it's original creator David Braben has returned with a Kickstarter project to fund Elite: Dangerous.

The game promises to be a space opera of grandest proportions, with beautiful spacecraft modeled inside and out, traversing a huge, procedurally generated universe. Players will be able to land on planets, skim volumetrically rendered gas-giants and much more.


The project does need backers... around $40 stands to get you a final copy of the game, and we have until 4th Jan to reach the goal.

So, if you love sci-fi, and games, and wish there were a new and exciting space-sim, this will be the one to do it right!

Please, come over to Kickstarter, feel the buzz, watch the videos, and pledge your support for this exciting project, and explore the Elite universe with us :-) Thanks :thumb:

Please excuse the plug, Sci-Fi Meshes may not be for advertising but clearly this project is something sci-fi fans will want to know about!
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  • CoolhandCoolhand241 PhobosPosts: 1,273Member
    I was so pleased to read this news I've made a blog about it showing off one of my 'elite 4' designs from a few more than a few years ago.

    Wonder if Mr Braben would be interested in a donation of a model or two toward it the project:D
  • Darkmoon_UKDarkmoon_UK0 Posts: 0Member
    Hi Steve, on behalf of the KickStarter crowd who are all trying to get this ship into the air, thanks for your blog post :thumb: Always found your take on the Asp inspiring; I don't think I've ever seen another Elite ship modelled to that level of detail before or since.
    One thing I would bring to your attention is that the KickStarter effort has spawned some writers projects; there are a couple of authors beginning work on an update to the 'Novella' that came with the original Elite. They'll no doubt be looking for covers / illustrations to go with their work. I don't know how much time or passion you could afford for such a thing, but if you were interested in contributing to their works with some renders I'm sure they'd be really appreciative and you would stand to be credited in the Elite legacy :-)

    Reclamation: An Elite Novella
    The Cost of Exploration: An Elite Universe Novel

    For everyone: there's an update on the 'Elite: Dangerous' Kickstarter page now showing some early game engine footage of dogfighting among an asteroid field.


    Elite: Dangerous Update with Video
  • perilousperilous171 Posts: 0Member
    oh wow i spent so much time playing this game ;-) id love to contribute to this if i can! ill pm you a link to my artwork when i return home from work
  • AresiusAresius353 Posts: 4,158Member
    I never played the original Elite. When I came out, I didn't own a Pc, and when I had a PC of my own, Elite was not sold anymore and I had no idea how to get it. So I enjoyed playing X-Beyond the Frontier, which was heavily based on Elite.
    Seeing that Elite will return, just like XCOM did, it's truly wonderful.... :)
  • perilousperilous171 Posts: 0Member
    you missed out on a big treat man, elite was one of those games that has been copied so many times but never surpassed,even with amazing graphics like the x series it never got the perfect balance of playability and all the other aspects, its just a shame that graphics werent a bit more advanced then when it came out. i just hope mr braben takes his time and captures what was great about elite and updates the parts that really needed it,id rather wait ages for it than 6 months for a garbage game.
  • AresiusAresius353 Posts: 4,158Member
    Well, the first X-BtF and it's extension were quite fine, but after that it got weird with XA2 and became a big disappointment by the time they released XA3....

    Anyway, I agree with you on the waiting idea.
  • perilousperilous171 Posts: 0Member
    dont get me wrong i absolutely adored x`s graphics especially the planets :-) but there were lots of other things that were a bit boring and its a typical thing that we see from game makers these days,make the game look flash but dont spend much time on the actual playability and addictiveness of a game. i think the best thing i liked from it was the ability to capture ships ;-).

    ive just seen DB on youtube mentioning procedural clouds in gas giant planets, cant wait for a dogfight in the upper atmosphere, hiding behind methane clouds, waiting to strike!
  • JafitJafit0 Posts: 0Member
    The nice thing about this game is that now when I try to make an interplanetary flight manually, overshoot Earth 3 times, and crash into the pacific at 12500m/s... it'll all be in glorious 3D

    I hope they've implemented extinction level events on planets. Craters, tsunamis, tectonic plate shattering impacts. My lack of piloting ability will demand them

  • AresiusAresius353 Posts: 4,158Member
    Well, X-Tension had the addictiveness that X-BtF lacked. It's an open-end scenario where you can populate the whole game universe. I did it in so many different ways.... ^,_,^ But beyond that... Meh...
    There are few games that are really addictive anyway. Always were few. Many good games, great games, fun games. But games where you can't get enough of? Not really...

    That's what I loved and hated most about Independent Wars: Edge of Chaos. You could prodecually accellerate your ship, at times, you were shooting across the game-verse with a speed equal to 5 times the speed of light (tho it only took you about 3ly to get that fast). Now just turn around and see the speed inversing, travelling negative 5 times the speed of light...
    As one of the game-characters put it: "If you hit any planets travelling at half the speed of light, you'll leave a heck of a hole."
  • Darkmoon_UKDarkmoon_UK0 Posts: 0Member
    Wow, that is one good looking craft... loving the artistic direction they're going in, just the right blend of hard sci-fi utilitarianism, with a hint of naval, and all with clear reference to the wireframe shapes of the original...


    Still 20 days to go on the KickStarter as I write this...
  • JafitJafit0 Posts: 0Member
    They need about $25,000 per day to make their target.

    Bad timing for them, shouldn't have done it over the Christmas holidays.

    Meanwhile Star Citizen has smashed through its target.
  • GuerrillaGuerrilla709 HelsinkiPosts: 2,788Administrator
    They made it. :)
    Comco: i entered it manually in the back end
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