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3DRebuilding the Tradesman :) (Spelljammer)

Silverblade-T-ESilverblade-T-E0 Posts: 0Member
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about done :) meshed, imported and textured in Vue Infinite :)

sorry I've been away so long, health, RL issues etc has been very bad :/

anyway, rebuilding the "Tradesman" ship from "Spelljammer" (fantasy space setting for D&D)
about 3rd time I've done this :P but well years ago and going into much more detail now.

doing it in Rhino, rendering in Maxwell.
updating it every few days to my site

Pic is of latest work, much of everything below decks is done, bar one stair case, and maybe some more accessories/detailing perhaps
think I'll add small ammo lockers below staircases as it's "dead space" otherwise and on such ships space is at premium

Spelljammer for those not familiar withit, is sort of like "Age of Sail", meets D&D, meets Pirates of the Caribbean, so it's pretty mad but with awesome ships etc :thumb:
the ships always have an organic/animal, usually aquatic design

pic of artwork of original tradesman, I'm goign from deckplans, which never match up with artwork as artists didn't have 3D etc ;)

Artwork from game
Deckplans from game
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