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dogfight: ideas wanted

spacefighterspacefighter0 Posts: 0Member
edited November 2012 in General Discussion #1
i am working on a space battle animation in blender, i have imported/constructed my ships and want suggestions on dogfight maneuvers and tactics. i already know that in a space battle fighters can spin on the spot to fire at a foe behind them whilst they are moving forwards, i want the physics of my battle to be accurate while still being interesting. My ships include a frigate and a fighter flying alongside it which will fight against a squadron of other fighters including a number of elite pilots. I am sorry but i cannot really offer anything in return, but some ideas would be appreciated. thanks.
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  • spacefighterspacefighter0 Posts: 0Member
    i completed the animation i have mentioned here, you can find it in some of my other threads.i am still looking for good ideas for space battles. can anyone suggest good websites for articles about the possibility of space combat and how it might happen. i have already read almost every word of atomicrockets. thanks.
  • TugarTugar171 Posts: 0Member
    Babylon five was the first series that I saw that ever did what you are talking about. The fighters spun and shot backwards, so did the White Stars.

    One of my favorite writers for the genre you're talking about is John Ringo. Just finished books one and two of a recent series I'd love to see as a movie or two. "Live Free or Die" and "Citadel"
  • SanderleeSanderlee0 Posts: 0Member
    There's been off-again on-again talk about turning the Honor Harrington series by Weber into either TV or movies. Considering the density of politics, not sure how well that would work (esp. since it's mostly nudity free, unlike the politics-heavy Game of Thrones).

    The Troy Rising series would be visually stunning, and far more mass media accessible.

    But neither has the dog-fights that spacefighter mentions in his first post. In both cases, the ships obey Newtonian movement principles (which MANY of the ships in Bab5 did not, off-axis flight or no) but both the scale and size would defeat the "dogfight" idea.

    Unfortunately, while Bab5 did get dogfights close (esp. with the Star Fury fighters during the Centauri assault on the station, or the civil war episode) every other good space dogfight has been non-Newtonian ... and mostly Star Wars. :)
  • cavebearcavebear178 Posts: 623Member
    The old series Space: Above and Beyond had lots of dog fighting in it. You might want to check out getting the show on disc.
  • perilousperilous0 Posts: 0Member
    its hard to answer your question because we dont know what the future will bring lol i mean you need to set up a rule list for yourself about what is possible and work from there, do the ships have inertial dampeners for instance,if not then combat will be much as it would be now using thrusters to spin around while travelling,it would also limit the acrobatics that would be possible as you would still be operating in a g based environment etc,the rules you have will shape how the combat would play out
  • SanderleeSanderlee0 Posts: 0Member
    cavebear wrote: »
    The old series Space: Above and Beyond had lots of dog fighting in it. You might want to check out getting the show on disc.

    Forgot about that one, Cave! Yes, that show was all about the dogfights ... though when they start talking about "rates of climb" in space I want to choke on my popcorn.

    The pilot's got some good footage in it (even if the CG is primitive by today's standards) and really does show off the "physics" of the S:AAB universe.
  • spacefighterspacefighter0 Posts: 0Member
    ok my fighters will obey newtonian physics, they will be able to corner a bit like aircraft but also be able to execute maneuvres like spinning on the spot or flying backwards ( quite similar to babylon 5). the larger ships like frigates and battlecruisers will obey the same principles but be less maneuverable. of course all ships can reach the same speed but some can accelerate faster than others i am looking to make an exciting dogfight where the hits from a laser may do a small amount of damage or in some cases take out a small ship completely. everything will be laser armed and there will also be missiles. thanks for the ideas so far.
  • perilousperilous0 Posts: 0Member
    Maybe have a look at red tails film that came out recently from what ive seen on ads its got some nice dogfighting sequences
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