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Stargate Atlantis UDK

ashleyb58ashleyb580 Posts: 0Member
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Ok guys I am hoping to make a good Stargate Atlantis fps. But to do that I need meshes LOTS OF MESHES! So if you can point me to any (or make me some) I would be greatful. I have the outside of Atlantis but need maps for the inside of different rooms. I need these because I can't do 3d modelling but I am amazing at the game coding and I am using the Unreal Development Kit.

Here is a list of rooms that I would need:

1. Primary Jumper Bay

2. Stargate Operations
a. Control Room
b. Conference Room
c. Commanders Office
d. Gateroom

3. Infirmary
4. Residents quarters (just one is needed as these can be replicated as they are all the same)
5. ZPM Room
6. Isolation and Observation
7. Chair Room
8. Hologram Room
9. A Transporter Elevator

1. Puddle Jumper (Inside aswell)
2. Wraith Dart (Cockpit aswell)
3. Wraith Hive (Just the outside)
4. Wraith Cruiser (Just the outside)

It would be handy for a Atlantis fan to do these for me but if a really good 3d modeller wants to do them I can provide Screen caps if you don't know what they all look like. Now I bet your thinking what is your reward for all this hard work....well I will give whoever contributes beta access to the game as soon as it is ready then a full version when it is finished before I release it to the public. I cannot pay for any of these so please don't ask. If you know anywhere I can get them point me in the direction, if not you could help me build them! Preference for file type would be something that could open in Maya 2012

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