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Warhammer Valkyrie short

usfgeekusfgeek0 Posts: 0Member
edited October 2012 in Work in Progress #1
Hey guys, Name's Dan. I'm new here, really Impressed with what I've seen so far so i thought I'd share what i've got too, since it's in the same vein.

I chose the Valkyrie because It seems to be the most recognisable aircraft from the Warhammer Universe. Honestly, I know very little about WH and i don't claim too, I just take great inspiration from the fantastic designs. Also from one of your members, Binkerman. THIS THREAD in particular.

Right now i wont go into any specifics about what I have In mind, I'd just like to get some thoughts on my modelling/texturing for now. :)

I should note that the textures on this are about 80% complete, mainly the weapons that aren't done just yet.

Hangar, still under construction.
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