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3DInterstellar Odyssey



  • PagrinPagrin0 Posts: 0Member
    I've been thinking about the pod. I think my problem with it is the "top half" seems a little to bulbous making it look like a chibby version of the main ship.
    So I then started to ponder on what might balance this effect a little. So what about adding small outrigger "wings" to the port and starboard of the windscreen. Just small ones, nothing really long or complex. At the forward tips of the wing you could mount a small light, and or camera, which would assist the pilot when flying through fog, cloud etc, but also because they are wider than the cockpit view, would help add depth of field when using grappling arms etc.
    A light on the outside is also a handy visual Que for the audience when seeing the pod moving about.
    If you're not sure what I mean, let me know and I'll knock up a quick sketch.
  • GotAFarmYet?GotAFarmYet?171 Posts: 0Member
    Was thinking about the pod...
    The onlt thing that made any sense to me was if you made it more of a inverted bell shape with the ring at the top of it. You could then use the same type of dome as the odyssey on the top and bottom and they could be connected by a centeral pilar that can house most items. You could add the hatch at the back and the view windows to the front simular to the luaner module that NASA used. It would basically be made for up to four all in a standing position with the seats and harnesses depolable from the side. The harness could be folded down with a seat on the bottom and a arm at the top, the harness would then be suspended between them you could use a simple locking lever to lock it in the down or up position and it folds out of the way for movement.

    Landing gear would be deployable in a square pattern, or four foldable posts. this would allow for less space needed on the inside and a considerable reduction in size. You could get 2 in the bay and still have space.

    only draw back is it would then be short range as they would be no where to lay down in it, well maybe a hamic might work
  • AvianAvian170 Posts: 208Member
    A schematic view of the lower deck. Things will change, undoubtedly. :) LowerDeckStudy003.jpg
  • PagrinPagrin0 Posts: 0Member
    Nice to see a little more of her. The layout seems solid to me. How much of this is going to need to be built as a physical set for the show?
  • AvianAvian170 Posts: 208Member
    The director has lined up a green screen studio, but I don't know how extensive the sets will be. This is a low-budget operation right now. BTW, the "workshop" may become the main laboratory. We'll see.
  • publiusrpubliusr243 Posts: 1,220Member
    There is a MAZDA magazine ad called 'separated at birth that has a nice saucer.
  • PagrinPagrin0 Posts: 0Member
    I can't wait to see some updates on the main site. I'm assuming if you're doing green screen, there will be a few test shots in the works. A screencap or two might spark interest.
  • AvianAvian170 Posts: 208Member
    Pagrin wrote: »
    I can't wait to see some updates on the main site. I'm assuming if you're doing green screen, there will be a few test shots in the works. A screencap or two might spark interest.

    I posted a quick green screen study in HD on YouTube. This was just stock footage composited against an early version of the control room for my own use:

  • AvianAvian170 Posts: 208Member
    Here are some shots of the Odyssey's landing gear. In this model the legs are pretty clean and simply lit. When it comes time to create the shooting set I plan on adjusting materials, adding lots of little details and some grit and grime. (Although not too much since it's supposed to be a rather new ship. Maybe just enough to indicate she's been through extensive flight tests.) For most of the production I'll use Vray for the renderings. Here it's just plain old MAX scanline.



  • PagrinPagrin0 Posts: 0Member
    Your right she needs a little grime here and there.
    Thanks for the screen test, BTW.
    She's a great looking ship. The level of details you're put into the work will make all the difference to the end product.
  • AvianAvian170 Posts: 208Member
    I'm considering altering the rim profile of the saucer. Not sure yet though. I'd make the blue rim light a bit wider and canted downward and eliminate the protruding "lip." Thoughts?



  • rojrenrojren448 Louisville, Kentucky USAPosts: 1,553Member
    I like the change.
  • colbmistacolbmista0 Posts: 0Member
    the new look is good yeah
  • GotAFarmYet?GotAFarmYet?171 Posts: 0Member
    I like the change as well
    It would also add control well landing
  • TALON_UKTALON_UK0 Posts: 0Member
    New version looks much better.
  • AvianAvian170 Posts: 208Member
    Thanks, I appreciate the input! I didn't have 100% control over the original look of the ship but I think I can convince the producers to go with some revisions that I always felt were necessary. I'd also like to change some details of the plasma domes.
  • TALON_UKTALON_UK0 Posts: 0Member
    I agree with you there, that visual effect does look like it could use some tightening up.
  • Digging the heck out of this! It's the Jupiter 2's great-great-granddaughter! :)
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