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Custom Space Fighter / Interceptor (Generic)

Cobra8472Cobra84720 Posts: 0Member
edited August 2012 in Looking for... #1
Heya folks-

I'm looking for a ready-to-use either basic or detailed mesh for a short Film.

Note, this is not a request to create one from scratch, but rather to perhaps auction off one of the meshes you have sitting on your harddrive gathering dust.

I'm looking for any design of a Space Fighter / Interceptor type craft. I.e. no capital ships, destroyers, etc.

Payment is unfortunately small- do not expect astronomical sums.

Please post your design/mesh in the thread, and I'll contact you!

Hopefully there'll be some interested parties,

Thank you,
Nicholas Dackard
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  • jeffabbyjeffabby61 Posts: 32Member
    have you tried sol commands blog he has lots of ships and the disclaimer allows commercial work the moreno is actually a pretty solid mesh and i have rendered it in vue it looks pretty good here is a test i did

    and here is a cobra fighter
  • spacefighterspacefighter0 Posts: 0Member
    i may be able to offer you a model or two in the sketchup and 3ds formats. if you specify the level of detail you want,for example do you want as cockpit containing screens/switches/joysticks/dials or will an external view do. also tell me if there are any particular details you want such as weapon type or engine type,presence of shields or hyperspace drive. if you want i can give you an already completed model for free (in sketchup) but you must give credit to "send in the jagdpanther". otherwise i do not have anywhere that you could send the money to yet but might be able to sort something out. please leave me your email address to further communicate with you.
    i hope this helps.
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